Sexual Offenses

Sexual assault can encompass a number of offenses often referred to as rape, sexual abuse or sexual battery.  Sexual assault refers to an unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact which can include grabbing or pinching somebody’s buttocks for example.  Depending on the severity of the victim’s allegations sexual assault is more often than not a very serious felony.


Penalties for sexual assault even where there is no intercourse or penetration are severe.  A mere accusation of sexual assault can seriously harm your reputation and have a devastating lifelong effect on your career, family and personal relationships.  A sexual assault conviction can literally follow you for the rest of your life.


If convicted you can face an extremely lengthy or even lifetime as a registered sex offender as well as minimum mandatory penalties in prison.  Regardless of the actual facts of your case, sex offender registration is a public record and your neighbors and employers will likely be able to identify you as a sex offender for perhaps the rest of your life.


Sexual Assault Defenses in Wisconsin


Sexual assault cases often present a “he said, she said” scenario where the primary evidence is the word of the alleged victim. Competently defending a sexual offense is different from other areas of the criminal law and requires very specific strategies and experience.  An effective defense team often employs private investigators, psychologists, computer forensic experts and a trial attorney with the expertise to utilize these tools.


Attorney Stangl has a track record of successfully defending sexual assault cases.  He has had first degree sexual assault charges reduced to misdemeanors and successfully defended sexual assault of a child cases.  He has successfully defended sexual assault cases in several counties throughout the State of Wisconsin including, but not limited to, Burnett, Columbia, Dane, Marquette, Sauk, Rusk and Washburn Counties and has tried sexual offense cases in both court and jury trials.


For example, in a particularly challenging case his client was accused of inappropriately touching his young daughter which he vehemently denied.  The defense contended that the allegations had been fabricated in an effort to obtain sole placement and custody of the child after the couple had experienced a highly contested and bitter divorce. On the weekend before the start of trial the State, realizing it had proof problems, agreed to dismiss the case. State of Wisconsin v. J..M., LaCrosse County Case.


In another sensitive case involving a child the trial court dismissed the very serious criminal charges when it granted the defense motion to dismiss the case based upon a legally faulty criminal complaint which failed to provide adequate notice to the defendant of the time frame of the alleged assault. State of Wisconsin v. R.O., Columbia County Case.


Attorney Stangl has also been called upon to represent clients in sensitive matters when they are the subject of a criminal investigation after allegations of wrongdoing have been made but before the filing of any formal charges. By getting involved in pre-charging representation before the filing of any formal charges and while the matter is in the investigative stage he has, in a number of cases, successfully negotiated reduced charges and also prevented formal charges from being brought.


If you or a loved one has been accused of a sexual offense remain silent if questioned by investigators and contact Stangl Law Offices, S.C. immediately.  Do not try to contact the alleged victim or witnesses as those actions are fraught with potentially serious legal and case damaging consequences.  When facing sexual offense charges your liberty and future are at stake.  With the increasing severity of penalties including severe minimum mandatory sentences if convicted of certain sexual assault charges in Wisconsin, your life depends on selecting an attorney with a proven track record of successful defense in these cases.


Please visit our criminal victory page for a sampling of some of the sexual offense cases which we have successfully defended and contact us today for a free consultation. Attorney Stangl can also be contacted directly at 608-831-9200.