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Experienced & Aggressive Drug Charge Defense in Wisconsin

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Stangl Law can help you get fair treatment, whether this is your first drug offense or you have prior convictions.

Attorney Stangl is a nationally-recognized OWI and criminal defense attorney serving the state of Wisconsin since 1991. He has a strong record of success defending clients against OWI, drug possession, drug conspiracy and many other drug offenses in Wisconsin.

If there's a way to win your case, Stangl Law will find it.


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I was charged in a large drug conspiracy case with 14 other co-conspirators.  My life was in shambles and I was in deep trouble. I was referred to Pat from a local lawyer who informed me that he was the best in the business.  I met with Pat and was very impressed. I hired him and he aggressively and tirelessly fought for me for over two and a half years before my case was resolved.  The Department of Justice wanted to send me to prison for at least 5 years. Through Pat’s highly effective representation and his caring attitude about me personally, I received a second chance in life.  Thanks to Attorney Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C., he beat the Wisconsin Department of Justice and instead of being sent to prison I was given a lengthy term of probation. I literally owe him my freedom and give him the highest recommendation possible.  My life and future are back on track thanks to Pat. He is an incredible defense attorney and a relentless and compassionate advocate who cares deeply about his clients."

Garit Pedersen

Facing drug charges of any kind can be an intimidating, scary, and ultimately life-changing event. If you hire Attorney Stangl to defend your criminal drug case, he can:

  • Review the case for defects
  • Potentially move for the suppression of evidence
  • Compel discovery of evidence to support your innocence

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Case Victory: State of Wisconsin v. C.W.

Attorney Stangl was enlisted to represent an individual charged in a drug conspiracy case that involved several states. The hub of the conspiracy was centered in Minneapolis. His client was charged with being a member of the conspiracy and if convicted faced a ten-year minimum mandatory prison sentence. Attorney Stangl believed that his client was the subject of an unconstitutional search of his vehicle and was not a member of any conspiracy. As a result of his dedication, thorough research, and litigation skills the federal magistrate suppressed large amounts of illegal drugs. His client was not convicted of a conspiracy but was convicted of a lesser offense and received a minimal sentence without a mandatory minimum prison sentence.