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Stangl Law can help you get fair treatment, whether this is your first drunk driving offense or you have prior convictions.

Attorney Patrick J. Stangl is a nationally-recognized OWI defense attorney serving the state of Wisconsin since 1991. He has a strong record of success helping clients reduce their drunk driving charges or get them dismissed entirely.

If there's a way to win your case, Stangl Law will find it.



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I was referred to Pat by a friend after my case was mangled by a different attorney. My case was very complex both because of the errors my initial attorney made and the charges being brought against me – an OWI and Implied Consent Violation. Dismayed, I contacted Pat from my disadvantageous position in the hopes of having a fighting chance. From a professional standpoint, I couldn’t afford the reputational damage of a DUI. Although the nature of my case was very difficult, Pat decided to take over my case to try and help. With the intricate precision of surgeon, Pat picked up the fractured remains left over from my previous attorney and pieced together a cohesive and convincing argument winning a resounding victory! From the moment I met Pat I could tell he had a deliberate mindset and heart of a champion. He takes an emotional stake in his craft, clients, and reputation – a crucial characteristic in anyone entrusted with important life matters. I could not be more relieved and happy with his results and recommend him highly."

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Being charged with OWI or another intoxicant-related charge can be an intimidating, scary, and ultimately life-changing event. If you hire Attorney Stangl to defend your OWI case, he can:

  • Review the case for defects
  • Potentially move for the suppression of evidence
  • Compel discovery of such things as calibration and maintenance records for the breath machine, and much more

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Case Victory: OWI Accident in Madison, Wisconsin

Attorney Stangl represented a client who had a vehicle accident in the City of Madison and registered a breath alcohol concentration of .14. Luckily no one was hurt but his client was subsequently charged with what is commonly called “drunk driving” but technically an OWI/PAC as a first offense in the State of Wisconsin, §346.63 (1) (a) and §346.63 (1) (b) Wis. Stats. It appeared the City had a strong case and his client was willing to put the matter behind him, however Attorney Stangl continued to research and investigate the matter. Ultimately he was able to discover that the arresting officer failed to comply with certain technical requirements of the law regarding the reading of the Informing the Accused which are rights that a suspected drunk driver must be informed of prior to the submission of any chemical test of their blood, breath or urine. Ultimately the case was successfully resolved and the OWI was amended to reckless driving and the PAC (above the legal limit charge) was dismissed.