Drug Offenses

If you are facing a drug offense or under suspicion of being involved in a drug offense, whether it be possession, manufacturing or dealing, your best first move is, again, to not make any statements to law enforcement or anyone about your alleged involvement and then contact Attorney Stangl.  He has extensive experience in successfully defending all types of drug cases ranging from simple possession to manufacturing and distribution including large federal and state drug conspiracies.


He has successfully defended federal drug cases including recently having 53 grams of cocaine thrown out as evidence when his motion to suppress evidence as a result of an unconstitutional search was granted in United States of America v. D.S. in the United States District Court of Minnesota.  He has also defended large drug cases in federal courts in Wisconsin and Indiana including cases involving large quantities of cocaine and hundreds of kilograms of marijuana.


Attorney Stangl also has defended numerous federal drug forfeiture actions.  A drug forfeiture action is a civil lawsuit or prosecution to forfeit property associated with a drug offense.  There are both federal and state laws allowing for the forfeiture of property where the State can establish a connection between controlled substance violations and real and personal property.


The state and federal government can seize homes, land, vehicles, boats, and all forms of tangible property in these actions.  For example, Attorney Stangl successfully had a possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine case dismissed as well as a companion drug property forfeiture arising out of the same criminal prosecution.  Attorney Stangl demonstrated to the prosecutor that the state forfeiture action was not properly and timely filed and it was ultimately dismissed.  State of Wisconsin v D.C., Barron County Case.




Attorney Stangl has also successfully defended drug cases in numerous counties throughout the State of Wisconsin including, but not limited to, cases in Adams, Barron, Dane, Iowa, Sauk, Rock, Richland, and Rusk Counties.  As an example, he recently had a felony delivery of heroin case amended to a misdemeanor in State of Wisconsin v. G.F. a  Dane County Case which was ultimately expunged (eliminated) from public access and had a significant marijuana possession/delivery case involving several pounds of marijuana dismissed when his motion to dismiss was granted by the trial court.


State of Wisconsin v. M..K.,  Dane County Case.  Attorney Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C. has a successful history of defending all types of drug cases and for more information please review our criminal defense victories for a listing of just some of the drug cases which we have successfully defended and fill out our Contact Us Form for a Free consultation or call us directly at 608-831-9200.


If you would like more detailed information about questions drug offenses, or need to hire an attorney to defend your drug charges immediately, contact Attorney Patrick Stangl today.