Experienced OWI Defense in Chippewa & Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

Attorney Pat Stangl provides experienced, aggressive OWI/PAC defense in Chippewa County and Eau Claire County, Wisconsin.

Stangl Law Offices, S.C. is a criminal defense law firm serving clients charged with crimes such as OWI/PAC (drunk driving) throughout Wisconsin. 

Attorney Stangl's Chippewa County and Eau Claire County handles cases from the city of Eau Claire and the surrounding area. With an office in Madison as well, Attorney Stangl is able to defend cases anywhere across the state of Wisconsin.

In practice since 1991, Attorney Pat Stangl puts his extensive knowledge and experience to work for clients who find themselves facing crimes in Wisconsin when they might least expect it.

His work winning criminal defense and OWI cases for clients has earned him national recognition. Working from Chippewa & Eau Claire County, in addition to his Madison office, Attorney Stangl has also earned a reputation for being the best drunk driving defense lawyer in the northwoods.

Working from multiple offices enables Attorney Stangl to serve clients in locations across the state, such as:

  • Bayfield
  • Washburn
  • Ashland
  • Hayward
  • Antigo
  • Minong
  • Rice Lake
  • Cable
  • Ladysmith
  • Eau Claire
  • Park Falls
  • Iron River
  • Ironwood
  • Lac de Flambeau
  • Manitowish Waters
  • Minocqua
  • Woodruff
  • Barabook
  • Wisconsin Dells
  • Lake Delton
  • Anywhere in Wisconsin

If you find yourself facing drunk driving charges or another criminal offense such as drug possession, you need the expertise and experience of a skilled defense attorney who is committed to aggressively protecting your rights and freedom.

Four Chippewa County OWI/PAC Victories in a Row

Attorney Stangl has won four OWI-PAC cases in a row in Chippewa County. Three of those cases were felony drunk driving cases, and in two of the three cases his clients were not convicted of felony drunk driving, thus avoiding not only a felony conviction but potential imprisonment in the Wisconsin State Prison system.

  • In State of Wisconsin v. R.D., Chippewa County Case No. 15-CF-514 the defendant was originally charged with an OWI 8th offense which carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence. Attorney Stangl was able to successfully attack two prior OWI convictions and the State was not able to count them to enhance Mr. Dekan’s penalties. The charges were amended to allege a 5th or 6th OWI, thereby avoiding a mandatory prison sentence for his client.
  • In State of Wisconsin v. R.T., Chippewa County Case No. 16-CF-507 the defendant was charged with felony operating while under the influence of an intoxicant and felony operating with a prohibited alcohol concentration. Again, Attorney Stangl was able to successfully mount an attack on an un-counseled prior conviction and the case was amended to a misdemeanor, saving his client from the stigma and penalties of an OWI felony conviction and potential prison.
  • In Village of Lake Hallie v. J.K., Chippewa County Case No. 16-TR-1027, 1028 and 1029, the defendant was charged with an OWI-PAC 1st offense with an alcohol concentration of .13. Attorney Stangl, after independently testing the Intoximeter EC/IR II, was able to demonstrate to the prosecutor that there was no way that the client’s alcohol concentration was .13 and that the inflated alcohol concentration was caused by inhaled vapors from chemicals that the client was working with the day of the incident. A few days prior to trial the case was successfully resolved without an OWI or PAC conviction.
  • In State of Wisconsin v. S.P., Chippewa County Case Nos. 16-CF-289, 16-CF-96 and 16-CF-253 the defendant was initially charged with an OWI-7th offense with two pending OWI-PAC’s at the same time, along with bail jumping. The 7th offense requires a minimum mandatory three-year term of imprisonment. Attorney Stangl was able to get the 7th offense reduced to a 5th/6th offense, thereby saving his client from prison. The client received five years probation and one year in the county jail on the 6th offense OWI-PAC, which also could have resulted in a prison sentence.

“Pat, thanks so much for getting my OWI-PAC 2nd offense dismissed. You were right all along. The stop of my vehicle violated the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions. You are a real fighter.”

— Curtis Thompson

"I was facing felony OWI and above the legal limit charges (4th) offense. I was going to lose my job and face a year in prison. I contacted many attorneys before I talked with Pat. I knew after talking with him he was my only chance to save me from losing everything and sitting in prison. Pat was able to use his OWI experience, knowledge, and very strong negotiation skills to have my charges reduced and my felony dropped. Thanks to Pat, I only sat 9 days in jail with Huber privileges and was able to keep my job. I highly recommend him to anyone facing serious legal problems. He is worth every penny, and I cannot thank him enough."

— J.H.

“I got charged for OWI and wanted the best lawyer in the area to help me. Pat Stangl was highly recommended by a family member who is a judge in the legal system. Pat is truly an expert on the OWI laws and judicial processes. He took the time to explain what to expect and his plan for my representation. This helped me process during a stressful event. He worked hard to get the best outcome for me.”

— Mark

Success Story Spotlight

Drunk Driving ChargesThird Acquittal in a Row

A Sawyer County jury recently returned not guilty verdicts in an OWI-PAC 1st case on behalf of Attorney Stangl’s client after deliberating for approximately one hour. This case marks the third jury trial in a row where Attorney Stangl’s clients have been acquitted on all drunk driving related charges. Dane and Sauk County juries also recently returned not guilty verdicts on behalf of his clients. According to the State’s chemical tests, his clients registered blood alcohol concentrations of .12, .15, and .20 in these respective cases.

If you've been charged with a criminal offense in northern Wisconsin, you need a winning northwoods defense attorney.