I was referred to Pat by a friend after my case was mangled by a different attorney. My case was very complex both because of the errors my initial attorney made and the charges being brought against me – an OWI and Implied Consent Violation. Dismayed, I contacted Pat from my disadvantageous position in the hopes of having a fighting chance. From a professional standpoint, I couldn’t afford the reputational damage of a DUI. Although the nature of my case was very difficult, Pat decided to take over my case to try and help. With the intricate precision of surgeon, Pat picked up the fractured remains left over from my previous attorney and pieced together a cohesive and convincing argument winning a resounding victory! From the moment I met Pat I could tell he had a deliberate mindset and heart of a champion. He takes an emotional stake in his craft, clients, and reputation – a crucial characteristic in anyone entrusted with important life matters. I could not be more relieved and happy with his results and recommend him highly.

A Former Badger Athlete

I was charged with an OWI first offense and refusal. The officer alleged that I was speeding and swerving and had turned into a cemetery in an attempt to avoid her. In fact, I never saw her. I knew of Attorney Stangl’s excellent reputation as a defense lawyer and knew he was very skilled in, among other things, defending drunk driving cases. There was no question that I was going to hire him to defend me. I was impressed with his thoroughness, knowledge of the law and tenacity. He told me that an Implied Consent Violation or “Refusal” is very difficult to beat but that he has beaten them in the past and would do everything he could to successfully defend the case. Ultimately, because of his hard work and dedication the prosecutor dismissed both the OWI and the refusal citation. If anyone out there finds themselves in my shoes do not hesitate to hire Pat Stangl. He is worth every penny and more. Did I fail to mention that he previously represented me in an OWI case and beat that case too? He is an exceptional attorney. 

Steven Antczak

I was charged in a large drug conspiracy case with 14 other co-conspirators.  My life was in shambles and I was in deep trouble.  I was referred to Pat from a local lawyer who informed me that he was the best in the business.  I met with Pat and was very impressed.  I hired him and he aggressively and tirelessly fought for me for over two and a half years before my case was resolved.  The Department of Justice wanted to send me to prison for at least 5 years.  Through Pat’s highly effective representation and his caring attitude about me personally, I received a second chance in life.  Thanks to Attorney Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C., he beat the Wisconsin Department of Justice and instead of being sent to prison I was given a lengthy term of probation.  I literally owe him my freedom and give him the highest recommendation possible.  My life and future are back on track thanks to Pat.  He is an incredible defense attorney and a relentless and compassionate advocate who cares deeply about his clients.

Garit Pedersen

I was charged with a serious felony in Barron County and hired Attorney Pat Stangl.  The State’s theory was that I was under the influence and nearly hit a person walking on the side of the road recklessly endangering his life.  Throughout Pat’s representation of me he never stopped fighting and because of his thorough investigation and knowledge of the law proved that I was not under the influence and that the State’s potential witnesses testimony was inaccurate and exaggerated.  I ended up with a misdemeanor traffic conviction without any jail time or probation.  Attorney Stangl and his staff fought tirelessly for me and achieved an excellent result.  I give Stangl Law Offices, S.C. the highest recommendation.


I found myself in a position nobody would want to be in. I was facing OWI and driving above the legal limit charges as a sixth (6th) offense and looking at a for sure prison sentence. The prosecutor wanted me to go to prison. I literally had everything on the line including my family, my job, and my home. If I went to prison I would lose it all. I knew that if there was anyone that could help me it was Attorney Pat Stangl. As you can imagine it was a very, very stressful time in my life. I trusted Pat and his staff completely and he was able to get the sixth offense reduced. Pat saved me from a prison sentence and from losing everything I had worked so hard for all my life. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from this terrible experience and one of them was forget the rest, just hire the BEST! Thank you Pat you gave me my life and future back.

Shawn J.

I am a combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq and upon my return to the states in found myself in serious legal trouble, charged with multiple serious felonies which arose out of an alleged domestic situation. I was very scared and troubled by the allegations and began to search for a criminal defense attorney worth experience in defending difficult cases, a winning history and great reputation. I had heard about attorney Stangl and the more that I learned about him the more I was convinced that he was the only defense attorney in wanted to represent me. He is extremely dedicated and tenacious and has a great respect for veterans. For over a year, he fought tirelessly for me. One of my felony cases was dismissed and the other very serious felony charges were amended to misdemeanors. The state wanted me to go to jail and make sure I could never legally possess a firearm again. Pat argued persuasively that I should not have to do any jail and that I should be allowed to have my misdemeanor convictions expunged upon successful completion of my probation. Without pat and his hard work and dedication I would not have an opportunity to start my life over with a clean slate. He is a fantastic attorney and I recommend him highly.


I was indicted in federal court for embezzling funds from a bank and another organization. I was also charged in state court with the same thefts. I discovered Pat Stangl and called him up about potential representation. I also spoke with some other prominent criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin. I ultimately hired Pat to help me based on a number of reasons including his experience in defending white collar cases in federal and state courts, his stellar reputation and proven track record of winning hard cases. I could also tell when I met him that he would do everything to help me. I was in an extremely difficult position and facing prison time. Pat fought for me for well over a year and managed to get the state case dismissed. Even though the government was dead set on sending me to prison thanks to Pat I did not do a single day in jail or prison. I now have a chance to make things right and move on with my life. I highly recommend Pat if you find yourself in serious trouble like I did. Both he and his staff are incredibly professional and work tirelessly to help and it is with good reason that he has been recognized nationally for his excellence in criminal defense and in the service of his clients.


Pat took over our criminal case and with his persistence was able to work out a very favorable conclusion. While doing so he was so understanding and never made you feel like you were bothering him if you had a question. His knowledge and compassion is a gift not all lawyers have. Thanks Pat.


I was charged with a 5th offense OWI, a felony, and was facing a probable term of imprisonment in the Wisconsin State Prison System. Needless to say I was worried, scared and terrified that everything I had worked for up to this point in my life would be lost. My liberty, livelihood and entire future hung in the balance. Luckily I learned of Attorney Patrick Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C. I learned that he has a stellar reputation for successfully defending both criminal and drunk driving cases. I made one of the best decisions of my life when I decided to hire him and thankfully he took my case. He told me my case was very difficult but if anyone could help me out of this dire situation it was him. From the start of the case through the end he and his staff worked incredibly hard on my case and investigated my past prior OWI convictions. He looked at and researched every possible factual and legal angle to provide a successful defense to better my dire situation. He was able to demonstrate that in several of my prior convictions, which were being counted against me, that I was not properly advised of certain important constitutional rights regarding my right to counsel and he filed numerous supporting documents in support of our motion to prevent the State from counting those convictions against me. Unbelievably my case went from a felony 5th offense OWI with a very real chance that I may go to prison to an OWI 1st offense, a mere civil violation. I just could not believe it! All I can say is thank you Pat Stangl for all that you have done for me. You kept me from going to prison or wasting away in a county jail for a year. To anyone reading this testimonial if you are in trouble this is a no brainer. He is the only lawyer you want to defend you and it is clear why he has been named as one of the top trial lawyers in the State of Wisconsin by the National Trial Lawyers.

Robert Tomfohrde

Mistakes can effect your whole life forever, Pat fought so they didn’t effect my life and future! I have used Pat multiple times. I would have a criminal record if it wasn’t for Pat Stangl. I had a hit and run accident. He fought and had a healthy relationship with the D.A. and staff, which got me off without a criminal offense. Then about a year later I got caught with 50 grams of THC in 3 different bags. I thought I was gonna get a CRIMINAL CONVICTION. Thanks to all his knowledge, skill and hard work I got off with just an ordinance ticket. I owe a lot to Pat. On top of it he is a really nice guy that truly cares about the people he represents.


I was involved in an argument with my wife and was unable at that time to afford an attorney or have one appointed to assist me.  The District Attorney offered for me to plead guilty to disorderly conduct as a domestic offense.  I accepted that offer and was placed on probation for a period of one year.  I had no idea that I was not able to possess a firearm because of the domestic conviction and I was never informed about this restriction.  The restriction became a serious problem for me, affecting my employment as a truck driver because sometimes I would have to haul military equipment including ammunition and weapons and because of the conviction I could not.  I researched the best attorneys in Wisconsin at doing appeals and contacted Stangl Law Offices, S.C.  I explained my situation to Pat and he was extremely helpful.  Luckily I contacted him within the time to appeal my conviction and luckily he decided to help me out. Pat advised that he would have to file a post-conviction motion to try and be able to withdraw my guilty plea, but he said it was likely that we would lose in front of the judge that accepted the guilty plea.  Pat was right and the trial judge denied the very lengthy and detailed motion that was filed.  He then advised the only opportunity we would have from there would be to appeal to the Court of Appeals which we did.  Pat did a tremendous amount of work on my behalf and never quit fighting for me.  After he filed our brief in the Court of Appeals the State agreed that the judge made a mistake in not granting us a hearing on the post-conviction motion.  The Court of Appeals then sent the case back to the same judge for a hearing on the motion to withdraw my guilty plea.  Prior to a very long and involved hearing, Pat negotiated a settlement with the District Attorney which the court approved.  The domestic portion of the disorderly conduct charge was reopened, vacated and dismissed.  I no longer have a domestic-related conviction on my record and can now possess firearms and ammunition.  Having had the benefit of Attorney Stangl and his firm represent me, it is very clear why he is recognized as one of the best appeals lawyers in the State of Wisconsin.  His commitment to excellence in helping his clients and willingness to go the extra mile is both impressive and comforting.  I highly recommend Attorney Pat Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C. to anyone looking for an exceptional appeals attorney.


Thanks to Attorney Stangl I was able to successfully navigate through false and malicious accusations which could have resulted in a misdemeanor, or even a felony, against me. At first, I found it extremely disorienting and disturbing to find myself accused and charged of something I did not do - especially when I had no previous experience in dealing with the police and the court system. Without an experienced criminal Attorney like Pat Stangl at my side, defending me and my legal rights, I would have found myself at the mercy of the State who cared little about my well-being or my innocence. Pat’s experience and people skills were invaluable in ultimately getting my charges dismissed without going to trial. I highly recommend giving Pat a call today if you find yourself accused of a crime.


After a seemingless insignificant altercation. I was charged with criminal assault charges. I did some research and read that Pat Stangl was the lawyer to hire. After the consultation, I knew that Pat would stop at nothing to help me in my case. After months of waiting on the DA, Pats persistence throughout the entire process stayed true. Due to Pat's professionalism, extensive knowledge of the court system, and all around amazing character. My criminal assault charge was reduced to a civil ordinance violation. I recommend that anyone who thinks they might need a lawyer, for similar situations, pick up the phone and call Pat immediately. Again, thanks Pat!!!


A game changer is how I would describe Mr. Pat Stangl. Earlier this year I got myself into a predicament and was charged with an OWI. I remembered a friend of mine who had just a year or so earlier been in the same situation I was in. He said that Mr. Stangl was THE BEST attorney for me. I called him and discussed the situation. He told me that I had a tough case to win, but he assured me that if there was any way out, he would find it. I hired Mr. Stangl and it turned out to be a game changer for me. His office and staff were incredible keeping me up to speed on the progress of the case, and the next steps I needed to be aware of. The determination and relentlessness of Mr. Stangl’s team quickly got the OWI changed to a lesser charge. Our family is grateful to Pat and his team for their compassion, professionalism and knowledge of the law.


I was charged in an OWI and PAC as a sixth offense. I was in deep, deep trouble, terrified and facing a prison sentence. I didn't know where to turn until I found Pat Stangl. I felt very lucky that he took my case and he was very understanding and supportive of my predicament. He told me the only way out was either outright dismissal of both charges or to be found not guilty by a jury on both charges. Pat aggressively defended my case at every turn. He used every weapon in his arsenal including an attack on the court's probable cause finding and an unsuccessful motion to dismiss but he never stopped fighting for me. After aggressively defending me for over two years, the case finally went to jury trial.
During the trial after the close of the State's evidence Pat moved to dismiss the prohibited alcohol concentration count on the grounds of insufficiency of the evidence. The court agreed that the State's expert witness failed to establish that their blood test was relevant given the lack of any evidence regarding the time of the alleged operation/driving of my vehicle. The court agreed and dismissed that count. The remaining OWI count was presented to the jury and after deliberating for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with his skills as a defense attorney. Not only that, he really cared about winning my case and about me as a person. Simply put, he is THE BEST! Period.

Teresa Poirier

I made a terrible mistake which resulted in me getting indicted in federal court. Luckily Attorney Stangl accepted the case and represented me in the matter. He fought very hard for me and is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He was able to demonstrate that they miscalculated my advisory guideline range and the court agreed with everything Attorney Stangl argued. In this very serious case, thanks to him, I did not do any jail even though I was looking at a potential significant term of imprisonment which needless to say would have further complicated an already bad situation. The quality of his representation is unsurpassed and exceeded any and all of my expectations.

Nicholas Senstock

I was charged with felony and misdemeanor drug offenses after the execution of a search warrant on my home. I was looking at significant jail time or even possibly being sent to prison when a friend recommended that I see Pat Stangl. I had heard of Pat before and know that he has an excellent reputation for being a very talented defense attorney. We met and I was immediately impressed and decided to hire him. He was very up front with me and told me that a successful defense would likely hinge on whether the search warrant was valid or not.
He immediately went to work and obtained the search warrant and other supporting materials. Through his research and expertise he found that the Officer leading the investigation did not follow the appropriate procedure and he also believed reckless statements were made in the supporting materials for the search warrant. He filed numerous motions attacking the search warrant and a couple of hours before we were scheduled for a hearing on those motions the State agreed that it was likely they would not win the attack on the search warrant and the felony drug charge was dismissed and the misdemeanor drug charge was amended to a simple disorderly conduct as a compromise to settle the case.
The old saying “you get what you pay for” was never more true than in this case. I strongly recommend Attorney Stangl to anyone who is serious about being provided with the Best Defense! It is clear to me why he has been recognized Nationally for excellence in his field. What a Great Lawyer! In my opinion, one of the BEST Lawyers in Wisconsin.

Jean Hamann

I was charged with a criminal operating with a restricted controlled substance offense and had the good fortune of a friend, whom Pat had previously helped, recommend him to me. Pat was extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional. My charge was amended to a different offense and thanks to Pat I never spent any time in jail. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a criminal lawyer.

Leslie Fox

I was charged with an OWI/PAC with a very high alcohol concentration. Frankly, I didn't think anything could be done to help my situation. I spoke to a friend of mine who recommended that I contact Pat Stangl. I ended up hiring Attorney Stangl and I cannot even believe the result he obtained for me. Attorney Stangl believed that he had an argument that the manner in which I was stopped was not legal because the only basis for the stop was my high mount brake light was not operating. Under the Wisconsin Administrative Code that is reason to stop a vehicle, however Attorney Stangl came up with a very unique legal argument and at the hearing to challenge the stop, through his experience and expertise, caught the County flat footed. Attorney Stangl was able to exploit the fact that the County failed to offer certain evidence regarding that third brake light. The matter was briefed by the parties and I must say Attorney Stangl is a brilliant legal strategist and an excellent writer. The court agreed with Attorney Stangl’s analysis and granted the motion and all the evidence against me was thrown out including the .22 blood test!

Rich Hoops

I have a commercial driver’s license and am an over the road driver and had an incident one evening which resulted in three significant traffic citations which jeopardized my ability to keep my job. I knew that I needed help and I needed someone who knew what they were doing and who got results. I hired Pat Stangl and it was the best decision I ever made. I am glad to report that all of the traffic citations which would have resulted in me losing my job if convicted were dismissed. I ended up with only a minor traffic citation and Pat saved my bacon. I would recommend him to anyone out there who is looking for a super lawyer. Thanks again.

Adam Hoffman

Patrick is an amazing lawyer who was a life-line in a case that seemed hopeless. I was charged with a 3rd OWI while inside a bar because two eyewitnesses said I had been driving erratically. I did agree to a Breathalyzer even though I didn't drink until I got to the bar. I didn't agree to the blood draw because I just thought something wasn't right about the arrest, and because I have a language processing difficulty, I really didn't understand what was going on. I was then charged with a refusal. My mother had heard of Mr. Stangl through another client of his, and we decided to contact him. He met with us right away in person, assured us that he would do his best for me although no promises could be made. Throughout the court appearances, Mr. Stangl was always in contact not only by letter but also in person beforehand. If we called him, he got back to us quickly. I always felt confident with him especially since he was one of the few people who understood my disability whereas I felt that the arresting police and the DA did not. Patrick had several plea bargains offered to him for my consideration from losing my license forever to reckless driving. By investigating the reliability of the eyewitnesses, he was able to convince the DA to drop the OWI and charge me with inattentive driving, a misdemeanor. I still can't believe how lucky I am. With any other lawyer, I would be in jail now facing a big fine, ignition interlock and all sorts of other difficulties. This great result only happened because Patrick never dropped the ball. He knows the law inside and out, and he fought tooth and nail for me. I am forever grateful. If you need a lawyer, Patrick Stangl is the BEST!

Andy G.

I had a fender bender while drunk on an ATV on a trail accessible road. The issue I had was that I was charged like I was in a vehicle. An ATV/UTV is not a vehicle it is considered motor driven. The local law enforcement did not seem to know this even though the trail has went thru the county for many years. They were charging me with a 4th offense. My girl friend did some research and came up with Patrick Stangl. I was looking at a felony being 4th offense and loosing my CDL license. After being drug out for 8 months Pat was able to have some of the charges dropped and I accepted the charge of 1st offense OWI on an ATV which is a DNR offense and a monetary fine. If you are ever in a situation on an ATV/UTV or Snowmobile and your being charged like you were driving a vehicle give Pat a call! DNR has its own statues for violations which were not properly enforced in my case until Pat stepped in! Thank you for everything you have done for me. Yes I was in the wrong but was not willing to except being charged for something that I knew was not legally correct.

A client

I have a commercial driver’s license and an excellent job driving truck. I had an incident one evening which resulted in an accident and an officer finding me in the ditch. I was charged with an OWI-PAC 1st offense and my blood test came back at .12. I learned about Attorney Stangl, did some more research and quickly realized that he was the only attorney for the job. I knew he had a high level of expertise and a proven track record of successfully defending difficult OWI and criminal cases. I was extremely impressed by the number of criminal and OWI cases he has won in his distinguished career. It was the best decision I could have made.
Shortly before jury trial the OWI was amended to an inattentive driving and the other citations were dismissed. Thanks to Pat my commercial driver’s license is intact and so is my career and future. Thanks for everything, Pat.

Shawn Kraczek

On my way home one night from work I was pulled over for a very minor traffic violation and was ultimately cited with an OWI/PAC. First, I couldn’t believe I was being charged; secondly I was even more astounded when the State’s computerized breath testing device, the Intoximeter EC/IR II, reported that I had a concentration above the legal limit. As a successful business owner in a small tourist town I could ill afford an OWI conviction. I was ultimately referred to Pat Stangl, who is a well regarded defense attorney who has successfully defended numerous OWI and other cases.

I knew this was a difficult case but believed if anyone could help me it was Pat. Pat was extremely diligent and dedicated throughout his entire representation of me. It became clear during the case that the only way out was for me to be found not guilty of both charges by a jury. With the case hanging over my head for over a year and the prospect of an upcoming jury trial I began to have my doubts but during this time Pat continued to reassure me that he would do everything in his power to win the case. I followed his advice completely and was found not guilty of both citations by the jury after less than an hour of deliberation.

I can’t say enough about how impressed I was not only with his courtroom skills and the result he obtained for me but also with his staff’s professionalism and dedication to my case. Should you ever find yourself between a rock and a hard place like I did, he is the only attorney you should call.”

Brian Fuller

“I found myself in serious trouble, charged with a crime and wondering where to turn. I put my complete trust in Pat Stangl of Stangl Law Offices, S.C. After a jury trial I was found not guilty of the charges. The job Pat did in defending was remarkable and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about aggressively defending him or herself.”

Jim Higgins

“Pat, thanks so much for getting my OWI-PAC 2nd offense dismissed. You were right all along. The stop of my vehicle violated the United States and Wisconsin Constitutions. You are a real fighter.”

Curtis Thompson

“Hands down, Pat Stangl and his staff at Stangl Law Offices are the best in the business. His approach to your individual rights and legal defense are outstanding to say the least. I’ve asked Attorney Stangl to represent me in times of chaos, always resulting in an excellent outcome. People hire attorneys in times of fear and desperation. Pat’s personal, “hands on” approach with his clients make our experiences with the judicial system quick and painless to say the least. I’ve referred many clients as well as personal friends to Stangl Law Offices, all ending with great results. I’ll continue to do so. Thank you Pat.”

Andy Subka

“Trust, Confidence and Hope: Three of many complimentary words that describe what Attorney Stangl offered me despite being charged with two separate felony counts: OWI Causing Great Bodily Harm and Great Bodily Harm with PAC.
I woke up in a hospital bed without any recollection of how I was there. I was informed by hospital staff that I had been in a near head on collision which resulted in substantial injuries to myself and the other party. Three days later a detective attempted to question me about the night of the accident. Extremely scared of what was happening, my family called at least five attorneys that could represent me. Luckily they called Stangl Law Offices because he was the only one who called back. This alone showed dedication and devotion to me as a person. One day after talking to Attorney Stangl, only one week after being in the hospital, I was taken to jail still not knowing what was happening. After four excruciating days in jail, I finally met Attorney Stangl in person and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with a first impression. Even though I was being charged with two felony counts, OWI Causing Great Bodily Harm and Great Bodily Harm with PAC, he gave me hope and confidence for my future. He definitely gained my trust immediately.

Throughout the entire case, Attorney Stangl treated me and my family as “people,” not as a client. From the very beginning he was honest about the severity of my case, and explained that it wouldn’t be an easy case because there was very little to work with. All he asked was I continue to have faith in his expertise and his other professional connections. Every question, every phone call, and concern I had was promptly answered in terms I could understand. He continued to ask how I was coping with everything personally which comforted me and showed me he did care for me as a person.

Miracles do happen, and good things happen to good people. My two felony charges were eventually dropped and replaced by a few misdemeanors. I am thankful for hiring Attorney Stangl. I will never forget him, his efforts, and his professionalism with a personal touch. If you ever need a criminal defense attorney, hire Attorney Stangl, listen to him, take his advice, and rest assured you will be getting the best representation available.”

Scott Brozowski

“The greatest compliment a professional can get is a personal referral. I was personally referred to Pat Stangl when I found myself in the difficult position of being charged with a criminal traffic and separate criminal matter. Based on that referral I went to www.stangllaw.com and did additional research and then made an appointment with Pat. Upon meeting him I was immediately impressed. Pat is very personable, genuine, caring and very bright. He has well over twenty years of courtroom experience defending drunk driving and criminal cases. The internet is awash with attorneys who have a rating for this or a rating for that and while every lawyer should occasionally win a case, here is the difference of why Pat Stangl is truly one of the best drunk driving and criminal defense lawyers not only in the State of Wisconsin, but in the Nation. First, my own experience with Pat demonstrates his excellence. Despite facing two separate criminal cases, both of which were serious, I was not convicted of any crime. Secondly, since 2012 Pat has been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers for his excellence in the law and has been named as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in the State of Wisconsin not only among criminal defense attorneys but all civil plaintiff’s attorneys as well. In researching lawyers on the internet there are few and far between that have earned this type of national recognition. Pat Stangl is the best in the business. He doesn’t win an occasional case, he consistently wins difficult drunk driving and criminal cases and has done so for more than two decades. BE SMART; hire a lawyer whose proven track record speaks for itself. By the way when you hire Pat tell him Gary sent you.”


“I am a contractor who unfortunately was charged with theft by a contractor of funds from proceeds of a construction loan. Even though I was not managing the construction jobs and was only responsible for the labor I was ultimately charged, as a party to the crime, of theft. My entire career and future hung in the balance. I was scared I would never be able to work in the trades again. I hired Attorney Pat Stangl who defended me against these charges. Through his zealous representation he was able to demonstrate to the District Attorney that my involvement was limited. As a result of his excellent work all charges against me will be dismissed.”


“Thanks, Pat. I can’t believe you got me out of my .13 drunk driving case! You were amazing at trial, wow!!”


“I was charged with an OWI first offense and refusal. The officer alleged that I was speeding and turned into a cemetery in an attempt to avoid her. In fact, I never saw her. I knew of Attorney Stangl’s excellent reputation as a defense lawyer and knew he was very skilled in, among other things, defending drunk driving cases. There was no question that I was going to hire him to defend me. I was impressed with thoroughness, knowledge of the law and tenacity. He told me that an Implied Consent Violation or “refusal” is very difficult to beat, that he has beaten them in the past and would do everything he could to successfully defend the case. Ultimately, because of his hard work and dedication the prosecutor dismissed both the OWI and the refusal citation. If anyone out there finds themselves in my shoes do not hesitate to hire Pat Stangl. He is worth every penny and more. Did I fail to mention that he previously represented me in a similar case and beat that case as well? He is an exceptional attorney.”


“Best lawyer I have ever worked with!”


“I would highly recommend Stangl Law Offices to anyone facing OWI charges. Unlike many lawyers that dabble in this area of legal defense, Patrick has focused on OWI defense for many years. I was charged with OWI after a bad traffic accident and Patrick was able to use his vast experience and very strong negotiating skills to get the charges reduced and avoid an OWI conviction. I will forever be glad that I chose Patrick Stangl to defend me in my case. Anyone that finds themselves in this difficult situation should know that Attorney Stangl is the right choice for the legal defense of OWI cases.”


“After being indicted on federal conspiracy and mortgage fraud charges, I started working with an attorney that I clashed with and did not have any confidence in. Shortly after, I found Stangl Law Offices, S.C. It took months to get my case moving, but during those months Attorney Stangl kept in close contact, checking in to see how I was doing and keeping me up to date on new information. He worked extremely hard and I know without a shadow of a doubt Attorney Stangl did everything possible to successfully defend me. The case involved reviewing, studying and organizing approximately 8,000 pages of discovery materials, hundreds of hours of preparation, and several days in a jury trial. As a result of Attorney Stangl’s dedication and commitment to not only my case but to me, I was given a short term of supervision.
Prior to trial, Attorney Stangl spent time with my family and answered any and all of our questions. He gave me his word that he would do everything he could to carry me through this difficult time in my life. His word is his bond. I could not have made it through or received the outcome I did without the 100%+ dedication by Pat Stangl.”


“After being charged with a first offense OWI, I felt completely helpless and at the mercy of the legal system. I approached several potential lawyers about my case, none who seemed as understanding, courteous, and straight to the point as Patrick Stangl. I decided I wanted him to represent me as soon as possible, and it is a decision I will never regret as my case was ultimately dismissed. I highly recommend Patrick Stangl if you are in need of a defense attorney.”


“After a late night of business planning with several clients, I was stopped a block from my home and issued an OWI citation. After researching law firms online, I contacted Mr. Stangl to handle my case. After explaining my situation and asking for his advice I was very impressed by his “I can help” attitude. Because of his expertise I’m happy to say my case was dismissed. Yes…dismissed! If you want someone on your side, Stangl Law Offices, S.C. is my recommendation.”


“I hold a commercial license and driving truck is my job. I was charged with a serious drunk driving offense and I knew if I was convicted I would lose my job. Given the evidence against me I didn’t think I had much of a chance. Luckily I hired Attorney Patrick Stangl. I was immediately impressed with his people skills and knowledge of the law. He told me that I had a hard case but promised he would do everything in his power to help me. He sure did. I wasn’t convicted of either the OWI or PAC charges. My alleged concentration was .158. To anyone who is a trucker or has a commercial driver’s license and finds themself between a rock and a hard place, I would hire Pat Stangl in a heartbeat.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t believe you got me out of this [OWI]! You are an incredible lawyer and worth every penny.”


“I was charged with drunk driving. Pat Stangl put together an excellent defense and I was found not guilty on both the OWI and PAC charges. The quality of his legal work is simply outstanding.”


“First I would like to thank you for all that you did concerning my case. My family and I are very grateful for the energy and work that you put into it. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Being sentenced has brought a sense of peace and closure to my situation—I know what consequence I am facing for my choices, so I can begin to plan the rebuilding aspect of my life. So once again, thank you for everything.”


“When I got charged with my DUI, I didn’t know what to do. I knew that most DUI cases end in a guilty verdict, with jail and fines and loss of license. I couldn’t afford to let that happen, so I searched the web and found Stangl Law Offices. I am so glad I did. Attorney Stangl was everything I needed in an attorney. He knows the law and protected my rights. He was worth every penny I paid him and my case ended with a complete dismissal of the DUI charges because he was successful in eliminating the evidence against me making it impossible for the DA to win at trial. I highly recommend Attorney Stangl to all of my friends and family.”


“When my significant other got charged with a DUI, it was costly and stressful. While the charges caused lots of problems and life got pretty difficult, a conviction would mean even more hardship. Luckily, my partner contacted Stangl Law Offices.
Attorney Stangl was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. He took time to listen and answered all of our questions. His office even helped us locate a good SR-22 insurance carrier to get an occupational license. Shortly after retaining him, we received a written document outlining exactly what to expect as we went through the legal process. His office staff was polite and everyone at Stangl Law treated us with dignity and respect. And he returned every one of our phone calls!

With careful attention to detail, Attorney Stangl fought hard and was successful in eliminating the evidence the DA planned to use to get a conviction. The end result was that the DA petitioned the judge to allow the charges to be dismissed because they knew they could not present enough evidence at trial to convict my partner of a DUI. I was amazed! There are attorneys who lose cases, there are those who get reduced sentences, and there are those who win at trial, which Attorney Stangl has done many times, but I don’t know of any attorneys who place the DA in a position of petitioning the judge for a complete dismissal of the charge. Attorney Stangl is the best of the best. If you or someone you care about is facing a DUI charge or any other criminal offense look no further than Attorney Pat Stangl. I am pleased to recommend him.”


“The officer told me I was under arrest for OWI! The next few days were filled with anxiety and sleeplessness until I called Patrick Stangl. I had spoken to others, but decided to hire Patrick because he concentrates in OWI and fights every case. I was able to keep driving and keep my job. Patrick fought hard and was able to have the charge reduced to reckless driving and for that I am truly thankful. His reputation is well earned.”


“I was charged with Operating While Under the Influence of an Intoxicant (OWI) and Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC). I researched the best OWI and criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin and after meeting with Attorney Stangl, I decided he was the most qualified to handle my case. He told me it was a difficult case and that he would do everything he could to help me. Given my profession I simply could not have an OWI/PAC conviction. Frankly, my situation was desperate.

Attorney Stangl was able to exploit the prosecution’s weaknesses and sloppy procedure and based on a motion that he brought, the charges against me were dismissed. In my opinion he is one of the best, if not the best, defense attorney in Wisconsin. I highly recommend Stangl Law Offices.”


“I was stopped by the State Patrol for having a defective tail light and was ultimately charged with an OWI/PAC as a first offense. I contacted a Milwaukee Law Firm and was referred to Attorney Patrick J. Stangl of Stangl Law Offices, S.C. who is highly regarded in drunk driving and criminal defense. I contacted him and found him to very knowledgeable. I was still unsure as to whether it was even worth it to hire an attorney as I heard that these cases cannot be beat. He assured me that I had a very defensible case and that he would do everything he could to successfully defend me. While I knew I was in good hands I still had a nagging feeling that the case could not be won. Boy was I wrong!
Shortly before the trial, for which we were very prepared and I was very nervous, Attorney Stangl negotiated a settlement which resulted in the PAC first offense being dismissed and the OWI charge being amended to reckless driving. In many respects I still can’t believe it. I am so grateful that I put my trust and faith in Attorney Stangl.”


“Dear Mr. Stangl: I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your valuable service. For anyone who is burdened with a DUI in the State of Wisconsin (or anywhere for that matter), I would categorically and enthusiastically recommend Stangl Law Offices. Your representation related to my legal issue was most impressive, particularly your extremely thorough and persistent approach. I had no doubt that your confidence and knowledge would prevail, and my mind was at ease knowing that you were handling this case. These are the things you pay for when seeking legal representation and you’re worth every cent! Thanks again!”


“I was cited for an OWI 1st and refusal. It was an extremely humiliating and traumatic experience; I was devastated. I truly believed that the arresting officer did not have a sufficient legal reason to pull me over and after thoroughly analyzing and investigating the case, Attorney Stangl agreed. He filed a Motion to Suppress Evidence as a result of an Unconstitutional Automobile Stop. I can’t tell you how relieved and excited I was when the motion was granted and the case and both charges were ultimately dismissed.

I was extremely impressed with Attorney Stangl’s knowledge of the law, courtroom preparation and style. I am very grateful for how he helped me out of a very difficult situation. I highly recommend Stangl Law Offices, S.C. to anyone who is serious about defending him or herself.”


“I am from out of state and was charged with an OWI fist offense and a refusal. Based upon Attorney Stangl’s reputation and the fact that he has won very many difficult OWI cases, it didn’t take me long to hire Attorney Patrick Stangl. I was impressed immediately with his knowledge, forthrightness, and honesty. He told me from the start that this would be a difficult case but that he would do everything he could to win the case. Because of my employment I simply could not have either a refusal or any type of OWI conviction on my record.

Attorney Stangl proceeded to beat the refusal charge at the Municipal Court trial and I was convicted of the OWI first. During the trial in Municipal Court and through his thorough and aggressive cross-examination of the arresting officer, Attorney Stangl was able to establish how poorly trained the officer was in field sobriety tests and pointed out numerous mistakes which he had made. We then appealed the OWI conviction to the Circuit Court for a new trial and the charge was amended to reckless driving.

Did I forget to mention that the alleged driving conduct, witnessed by the arresting officer, included backing into a building and driving off the end of a raised cement parking lot? Needless to say Attorney Stangl is a superb defense attorney and I highly recommend him.”


“I was arrested for OWI, 2nd offense. I failed the field sobriety tests and the handheld preliminary breath test. My blood test came back at .17. I thought I was sunk. I was looking for legal representation when I came across Mr. Stangl’s website and phone number. My first meeting with him was great. Although he made me aware of the difficulty of defending these charges and any amendment to them, he did give me hope. The result was that my criminal OWI was amended to negligent driving and the PAC charge was dismissed. I never lost my driving privileges. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to retain Pat Stangl for representation.”


“I was charged with felony substantial battery, a crime which I did not commit. I had known about Attorney Stangl prior to this incident but decided to hire a local attorney because I was quoted a lower fee. I was completely dissatisfied with the attorney I hired. I re-contacted Attorney Stangl and the substantial battery charge against me was ultimately dismissed. He is a very thorough and skilled defense attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone who finds himself facing any criminal charge.”


“I found myself in serious trouble, charged with a crime, and wondering where to turn. I put my complete trust in Pat Stangl. After a jury trial I was found not guilty of the charges. The job Pat did in defending me was remarkable and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about aggressively defending him or herself.”


“I found myself in a serious OWI-related traffic accident. Upon conviction I faced serious penalties and mandatory jail time. Luckily, I hired Attorney Stangl of Stangl Law Offices, S.C. He fought long and hard for me and I was not convicted of any crime.”


“I was charged with a serious OWI related crime which alleged I had a high concentration of alcohol at the time of the incident. I made the best possible decision in hiring an attorney to help me when I hired Patrick Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, S.C. They fought hard for me on every single issue and after nearly two and a half years of fighting, all criminal charges against me were dismissed. It baffles me to think why somebody accused of any serious traffic or criminal charges would hire anyone other than Attorney Patrick Stangl.”


“I found myself in serious trouble charged with an OWI fourth offense. I felt that I was pulled over for no reason and that my constitutional right to be free from an unreasonable search and seizure was violated. If convicted I could have spent up to a year in jail. I hired Pat Stangl, who believed in me from the start. I was amazed that in a single motion hearing my case was totally dismissed. He is an exceptional defense attorney.”


“I was charged with a very serious offense which involved alcohol and serious injuries suffered by an individual in a serious accident. I was facing serious felony charges and the prospect of being sent to jail or prison for a significant period of time, along with being a convicted felon for the rest of my life. I researched the best criminal defense and OWI lawyers in the State and hired Attorney Patrick Stangl. It was the smartest thing I could have done. His representation of me was incredible and the very serious felony charges were dismissed. Even more amazing, I wasn’t even placed on probation. To anyone who may be facing serious criminal or traffic related crimes, I would not hesitate to hire Stangl Law Offices, S.C. Every morning I wake up I’m sure glad I did.”

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