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What you need to know about fraud charges in Wisconsin:

Attorney Pat Stangl has extensive experience defending clients against fraud charges and other white collar crimes in Wisconsin. In practice in Madison since 1991, he has defended a variety of fraud cases from embezzlement or misappropriation of funds to more complex charges such as conspiracies involving racketeering and the creation of large Ponzi schemes.

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Fraud & White Collar Crime

Fraud and white collar crime offenses encompass a wide variety of complex charges which are typically follow a long and thorough government investigation. The penalties of conviction are very serious and can carry decades-long prison sentences. Attorney Stangl has extensive experience in defending white collar and fraud cases and has defended clients in cases involving:

  • Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Misappropriation of funds
  • Check fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Identity theft
  • The creation of fraudulent schemes, and
  • Complex conspiracies involving racketeering and the creation of large Ponzi schemes.

He has successfully defended fraud cases in both state and federal courts, and has had fraud convictions dismissed in the trial court and reversed on appeal.

Attorney Stangl provides thorough and dedicated defense for clients facing fraud charges in both state and federal courts, fighting to get fraud convictions dismissed in the trial court and reversed on appeal.

If you are approached by any law enforcement officer and questioned about a fraudulent scheme or any other criminal matter your first best defense is always to remain silent. Remaining silent is not a technical legal ploy, rather it is your absolute constitutional right to avoid making any statements which may tend to incriminate you.

Should you find yourself either under investigation for, or charged with, any white collar offense or an offense involving fraud or theft, Attorney Stangl’s wealth of knowledge and experience and his proven track record will assure that you get the best possible representation. He and his staff will work diligently to obtain the best outcome under the circumstances.

When should I call a lawyer?

You should contact a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as you become aware that the police (or some other investigating agency) are looking for or investigating you, or if you believe that you may have committed a crime.

A lawyer can intervene with the police and either prevent an arrest or, if you are going to be arrested, arrange for your surrender at a time and in a manner that minimizes embarrassment to you or your family.

Hiring a competent lawyer in a timely fashion may also protect you from being questioned by the police. If questioned by the police, never answer any questions and always ask for an attorney to be present during any questioning, no matter where the attempted questioning takes place.

If I'm innocent, why do I need a lawyer?
More often than you think, innocent people get accused of committing crimes. Also, people who may have committed one crime often get accused (sometimes wrongfully) of committing additional and more serious crimes. As the accused, you have a constitutional right to counsel. You are always better off having a lawyer learn about the accusation and then discussing it with you to develop a strategy for responding to the charge.
What should I do if I am arrested in Wisconsin?
First, be polite and cooperative. Arguing, struggling or fighting will never make the situation better. Rarely, if ever, is a person able to convince an officer to stop an arrest. Remain silent! Finally, call a lawyer as soon as possible.
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If you're facing charges or embezzlement, wire fraud, bank fraud or another white collar crime in Wisconsin and would like more detailed information about the specific charges you're facing or need to hire a Wisconsin criminal defense attorney to discuss your case, Contact Us today.



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After being indicted on federal conspiracy and mortgage fraud charges, I started working with an attorney that I clashed with and did not have any confidence in. Shortly after, I found Stangl Law Offices, S.C. It took months to get my case moving, but during those months Attorney Stangl kept in close contact, checking in to see how I was doing and keeping me up to date on new information. He worked extremely hard and I know without a shadow of a doubt Attorney Stangl did everything possible to successfully defend me. The case involved reviewing, studying and organizing approximately 8,000 pages of discovery materials, hundreds of hours of preparation, and several days in a jury trial. As a result of Attorney Stangl’s dedication and commitment to not only my case but to me, I was given a short term of supervision.

Prior to trial, Attorney Stangl spent time with my family and answered any and all of our questions. He gave me his word that he would do everything he could to carry me through this difficult time in my life. His word is his bond. I could not have made it through or received the outcome I did without the 100%+ dedication by Pat Stangl.

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