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Proven Criminal Defense in Madison, Wisconsin

Stangl Law Defends All Types of Criminal Defense Cases in Wisconsin

A criminal defense lawyer provides legal representation for people facing criminal charges. If you've been charged with a crime or are suspected of criminal activity, you should contact a skilled criminal defense attorney.

For example, driving under the influence is considered criminal activity. If you've been stopped for drunk driving in Wisconsin, you're likely facing charges such as OWI, DWI, DUI, PAC, BAC or other criminal charges.

To best defend against these charges, you should hire a proven criminal defense attorney who specialized in drunk driving defense.

Madison Criminal Defense Attorney Pat Stangl continues to earn national recognition for his skilled defense of clients charged with OWI and other crimes in Wisconsin.

Areas of Practice

Wisconsin Attorney Patrick J. Stangl is an experienced and proven criminal defense attorney with the professional knowledge needed to defend your case and protect your constitutional rights in a court of law. Attorney Stangl has an extensive track record of legal success across all areas of criminal defense.

Criminal Defense

Stangl Law Offices is a nationally-recognized criminal defense law firm based in Madison and northern Wisconsin. Attorney Stangl provides the best possible defense for individuals charged with a crime or crimes of any kind across the state.

Drunk Driving / OWI Defense

Nationally-recognized for his outstanding OWI defense, Wisconsin Attorney Pat Stangl has helped countless clients aggressively fight drunk driving charges and driving under the influence charges to get them reduced or dismissed entirely.

Drug Charge Defense

Based in Madison, Attorney Stangl has experience defending all types of drug cases across the state. He defends clients facing simple charges like possession, manufacturing, and distribution, to larger federal and state drug conspiracy charges.

Fraud & White Collar Crime Defense

Attorney Stangl has successfully defended clients charged with fraud and other white collar crimes in both state and federal courts, getting fraud charges dismissed in the trial court and reversed on appeal for his clients.

Gun & Weapons Charge Defense

If you've been charged with a criminal offense involving a weapon in Wisconsin, or another charge has been enhanced due to a weapon, Stangl Law can help. Attorney Stangl provides aggressive and thorough criminal defense for his clients.

Federal Crimes

Stangl Law Offices, S.C., has the experience and knowledge you need to effectively defend your federal case. Learn more about what you need to know if you're facing federal charges from nationally-recognized Criminal Defense Attorney Pat Stangl.

Personal Injury

If you or someone you love has been injured or hurt by another’s negligence, recklessness, or failure to act in a lawful manner, Stangl Law can take the lead with your personal injury claim in Wisconsin to help get the results you deserve.


You have a right to appeal your case, and Attorney Stangl is experienced in handling appeals for clients. In addition to numerous published opinions in both state and federal courts of appeals, he has also argued in front of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

If you don't see information about a criminal charge you're facing in Wisconsin, contact Stangl Law for more information.

"I was facing felony OWI and above the legal limit charges (4th) offense. I was going to lose my job and face a year in prison. I contacted many attorneys before I talked with Pat. I knew after talking with him he was my only chance to save me from losing everything and sitting in prison. Pat was able to use his OWI experience, knowledge, and very strong negotiation skills to have my charges reduced and my felony dropped. Thanks to Pat, I only sat 9 days in jail with Huber privileges and was able to keep my job. I highly recommend him to anyone facing serious legal problems. He is worth every penny, and I cannot thank him enough."

— J.H.

"I was charged with an OWI first offense and refusal. The officer alleged that I was speeding and swerving and had turned into a cemetery in an attempt to avoid her. In fact, I never saw her. I knew of Attorney Stangl’s excellent reputation as a defense lawyer and knew he was very skilled in, among other things, defending drunk driving cases. There was no question that I was going to hire him to defend me. I was impressed with his thoroughness, knowledge of the law, and tenacity. He told me that an Implied Consent Violation or “Refusal” is very difficult to beat but that he has beaten them in the past and would do everything he could to successfully defend the case. Ultimately, because of his hard work and dedication, the prosecutor dismissed both the OWI and the refusal citation. If anyone out there finds themselves in my shoes, do not hesitate to hire Pat Stangl. He is worth every penny and more. Did I fail to mention that he previously represented me in an OWI case and beat that case too? He is an exceptional attorney."

— S.A.

"After a seemingly insignificant altercation, I was charged with criminal assault charges. I did some research and read that Pat Stangl was the lawyer to hire. After the consultation, I knew that Pat would stop at nothing to help me in my case. After months of waiting on the DA, Pat's persistence throughout the entire process stayed true. Due to Pat's professionalism, extensive knowledge of the court system, and all-around amazing character, my criminal assault charge was reduced to a civil ordinance violation. I recommend that anyone who thinks they might need a lawyer for similar situations pick up the phone and call Pat immediately. Again, thanks, Pat!"

— Adam

"I was charged with a serious felony in Barron County and hired Attorney Pat Stangl. The State’s theory was that I was under the influence and nearly hit a person walking on the side of the road, recklessly endangering his life. Throughout Pat’s representation of me, he never stopped fighting, and because of his thorough investigation and knowledge of the law proved that I was not under the influence and that the State’s potential witness testimony was inaccurate and exaggerated. I ended up with a misdemeanor traffic conviction without any jail time or probation. Attorney Stangl and his staff fought tirelessly for me and achieved an excellent result. I give Stangl Law Offices, S.C. the highest recommendation."

— A.M.

“After being indicted on federal conspiracy and mortgage fraud charges, I started working with an attorney that I clashed with and did not have any confidence in. Shortly after, I found Stangl Law Offices, S.C. It took months to get my case moving, but during those months, Attorney Stangl kept in close contact, checking in to see how I was doing and keeping me up to date on new information. He worked extremely hard and I know without a shadow of a doubt Attorney Stangl did everything possible to successfully defend me. The case involved reviewing, studying, and organizing approximately 8,000 pages of discovery materials, hundreds of hours of preparation, and several days in a jury trial. As a result of Attorney Stangl’s dedication and commitment to not only my case but to me, I was given a short term of supervision. Prior to the trial, Attorney Stangl spent time with my family and answered any and all of our questions. He gave me his word that he would do everything he could to carry me through this difficult time in my life. His word is his bond. I could not have made it through or received the outcome I did without the 100%+ dedication by Pat Stangl.”

— S.J.

"I was indicted in federal court for embezzling funds from a bank and another organization. I was also charged in state court with the same thefts. I discovered Pat Stangl and called him up about potential representation. I also spoke with some other prominent criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin. I ultimately hired Pat to help me based on a number of reasons, including his experience in defending white-collar cases in federal and state courts, his stellar reputation, and his proven track record of winning hard cases. I could also tell when I met him that he would do everything to help me. I was in an extremely difficult position and facing prison time. Pat fought for me for well over a year and managed to get the state case dismissed. Even though the government was dead set on sending me to prison, thanks to Pat, I did not do a single day in jail or prison. I now have a chance to make things right and move on with my life. I highly recommend Pat if you find yourself in serious trouble like I did. Both he and his staff are incredibly professional and work tirelessly to help, and it is with good reason that he has been recognized nationally for his excellence in criminal defense and in the service of his clients."

— Renee

Success Story Spotlights

Drunk Driving Charges (OWI)Possession of A Firearm While Intoxicated-OWI/PAC 1st, Gil's Story

Attorney Stangl was hired to represent Gil, a retired State Trooper, who had the misfortune of getting arrested for drunk driving. After Gil's vehicle was stopped and he was arrested for OWI-PAC 1st, the arresting officer located a loaded concealed weapon on his person. While a retired police officer is allowed to carry a concealed weapon, it is still illegal in Wisconsin to carry a concealed weapon under the influence of an intoxicant. Along with the OWI charges, Gil was charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and a conviction of either would have tarnished his otherwise unblemished career in law enforcement and life as a hardworking and law-abiding citizen. A special prosecutor was named to prosecute the criminal firearms charge due to the fact that Attorney Stangl's client was a member of the law enforcement community. Attorney Stangl had successfully defended law enforcement officers in the past, and Gil was very fortunate and pleased to have all the charges against him ultimately dismissed as a result of Attorney Stangl's defense.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Wisconsin, contact Stangl Law Offices for a free 10-minute consultation to explore options for your defense.