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Providing Skilled and Aggressive OWI and Criminal Defense in Wisconsin

Patrick J. Stangl is a nationally-recognized Wisconsin OWI and criminal defense attorney, in practice since 1991.

Stangl Law Offices, S.C. is a full-service criminal defense law firm in Madison and Hayward serving clients across Wisconsin.

Attorney Pat Stangl provides skillful, thorough, and proven legal defense for clients facing criminal charges and seeking appeals. With over 32 years of experience defending clients against a wide range of criminal offenses, Stangl Law continues to build upon its strong record of success.

If you, a family member, or someone you know has been charged with a crime or crimes in Wisconsin, a strong defense is critical to protecting your freedom and your constitutional rights.

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What You Need to Know About Stangl Law

Wisconsin Law Firm With A Proven Record Of Success

Drunk Driving Charges (OWI)Third Acquittal in a Row

A Sawyer County jury recently returned not guilty verdicts in an OWI-PAC first case on behalf of Attorney Stangl’s client after deliberating for approximately one hour. This case marks the third jury trial in a row where Attorney Stangl’s clients have been acquitted on all drunk driving related charges. Dane and Sauk County juries also recently returned not guilty verdicts on behalf of his clients. According to the State’s chemical tests, his clients registered blood alcohol concentrations of .12, .15, and .20 in these respective cases.


Drunk Driving Charges (OWI)Criminal Drunk Driving Victory in Wisconsin

Attorney Stangl recently represented an off-duty law enforcement officer who was picked up for drunk driving. His chemical test result was significantly above the legal limit and he was charged with criminal drunk driving. Attorney Stangl quickly had the criminal charges dismissed by pointing out to the prosecutor that his client was improperly charged. After several pre-trial motion hearings, the case proceeded to a jury trial. Shortly after the State’s first witness began to testify, Attorney Stangl objected to the Trooper’s testimony and moved for a mistrial. The trial court ultimately declared a mistrial.


With over 32 years of experience, Attorney Pat Stangl has earned the respect of former opponents and the courts, and continues to achieve outstanding results for his clients in all areas of criminal defense.

"I was facing felony OWI and above the legal limit charges (fourth) offense. I was going to lose my job and face a year in prison. I contacted many attorneys before I talked with Pat. I knew after talking with him he was my only chance to save me from losing everything and sitting in prison. Pat was able to use his OWI experience, knowledge, and very strong negotiation skills to have my charges reduced and my felony dropped. Thanks to Pat, I only sat nine days in jail with Huber privileges and was able to keep my job. I highly recommend him to anyone facing serious legal problems. He is worth every penny, and I cannot thank him enough."

— J.H.

"After a seemingly insignificant altercation, I was charged with criminal assault charges. I did some research and read that Pat Stangl was the lawyer to hire. After the consultation, I knew that Pat would stop at nothing to help me in my case. After months of waiting on the DA, Pat's persistence throughout the entire process stayed true. Due to Pat's professionalism, extensive knowledge of the court system, and all-around amazing character, my criminal assault charge was reduced to a civil ordinance violation. I recommend that anyone who thinks they might need a lawyer for similar situations pick up the phone and call Pat immediately. Again, thanks, Pat!"

— Adam

“Facing a fifth offense OWI felony with potential prison time, I was overwhelmed and feared losing everything. Discovering Attorney Patrick Stangl and Stangl Law Offices, known for their success in criminal and drunk driving defenses, was a turning point. Hiring Stangl was a pivotal decision. Despite the complexities of my case, Stangl and his team dedicatedly worked to challenge my prior convictions, arguing I wasn't properly informed of my rights. Remarkably, my charge was reduced from a felony to a first offense OWI, a civil violation. I am profoundly grateful to Stangl for preventing a prison sentence and recommend him highly for anyone in legal trouble, underscoring his recognition as a top trial lawyer in Wisconsin.“

— Robert Tomfohrde

"After a serious OWI incident post a music festival in northern Wisconsin, I sought Pat Stangl's legal expertise. Despite a breath test showing a .18 concentration, discrepancies existed between the arresting officer's account and reality, including claims of me stumbling which were disproved by an independent witness. Stangl contested the vehicle stop, highlighting the officer's impossible observation point due to a hill. His adept handling during the motion hearing, coupled with credible witness testimony, led to the State reconsidering its position before the judge's verdict. Ultimately, I avoided OWI and PAC convictions, owing to Stangl's skillful defense and commitment to justice."

— Lance

“After accepting a plea deal for disorderly conduct without realizing it barred me from firearm possession, affecting my job as a truck driver, I sought help for an appeal and found Stangl Law Offices. Despite a tight timeline, Pat Stangl took my case, warning of the challenge in withdrawing my guilty plea before the original judge, who indeed denied our motion. Unfazed, Pat escalated the matter to the Court of Appeals, where the State acknowledged a judicial error, leading to a remand for a hearing. Through skilled negotiation, Pat secured the vacating and dismissal of the domestic charge, restoring my right to possess firearms. Pat's dedication highlights why he's esteemed as a top appeals lawyer in Wisconsin, deserving of high recommendation for anyone needing exceptional legal representation.”

— David

"I am a contractor who, unfortunately was charged with theft by a contractor of funds from proceeds of a construction loan. Even though I was not managing the construction jobs and was only responsible for the labor, I was ultimately charged as a party to the crime of theft. My entire career and future hung in the balance. I was scared I would never be able to work in the trades again. I hired Attorney Pat Stangl, who defended me against these charges. Through his zealous representation, he was able to demonstrate to the District Attorney that my involvement was limited. As a result of his excellent work, all charges against me will be dismissed.”

— T.W.

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