Video: When to Consider Filing an Appeal in Wisconsin

April 10, 2017




Video: The Appellant's Guide to Post-Conviction Relief in Wisconsin

March 23, 2017




Which Drivers in Wisconsin Face a Lower Blood Alcohol Limit?

March 22, 2017

Avoiding a conviction for operating while intoxicated (OWI) in Wisconsin requires drivers understand the state's drunk driving laws

Just as many motorists don't realize a typical drunk driving arrest results in at least two different charges––OWI and PAC––many others don't realize there are different legal limits.

Most drivers assume the .08 legal limit applies to everyone in Wisconsin, but depending on your age, type of drivers license, and prior OWI convictions, you may face a much lower BAC limit.


Arrested in Wisconsin: When to Contact a Lawyer

March 20, 2017

Going through an arrest is an intense experience, to put it mildly. A lot is happening and happening quickly. It can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. 

If you've been arrested for a criminal offense, such as drug possession, battery or OWI in Wisconsin, your first impulse might be to call an attorney--any attorney--immediately.

While it is to your advantage to hire a qualified attorney to help you fight criminal charges in Wisconsin, you don't want to needlessly rush your selection process and risk making the wrong choice for your specific defense needs.

Making an informed decision when choosing your legal defense can make a huge difference to your result--and your freedom.

Keep reading to learn what points to consider before you hire an OWI lawyer or other criminal defense attorney in Wisconsin.

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Video: Understanding the Direct Appeal Process in Wisconsin

March 2, 2017



Defending Against Embezzlement of Funds in Wisconsin

February 6, 2017

Facing embezzlement charges in Wisconsin can be a daunting experience given the severe penalties you risk, should you be found guilty.

If you're preparing to go to court to defend against charges of embezzlement or other white collar charges, it's in your best interest to hire a skilled and proven Wisconsin defense lawyer to defend your case.

In this article, we tell the story of a Wisconsin woman who hired Stangl Law Offices, S.C., an established criminal defense law firm based in Madison, to represent her against federal embezzlement charges. Read, in her own words, about her experience as she faced a potential sentence of up to 30 years in prison...


Successful Defense Against Child Abuse Charges in Wisconsin

January 31, 2017

Child abuse is a tragic offense that robs children of their innocence, sense of security, trust and well-being on many levels.

Yet, the National Children's Alliance estimates over 700,000 children are abused in the United States every year. 90% of the those investigated for child abuse are family members of the victim, with parents representing almost 40%. Some suggest that number is on the rise.

Claims of child abuse should never be ignored, yet false claims of child abuse require swift, skilled and aggressive defense.

In this article, we explain which acts constitute child abuse in Wisconsin and learn of one person's successful defense against the charge of child abuse with the assistance of Madison Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick J. Stangl.


The Zen of Traffic Stops in Wisconsin

January 30, 2017

It seems there's a new story almost every week of a traffic stop gone wrong across America, and Wisconsin is no exception. 

If you've ever been pulled over in Wisconsin, you know how stressful it can be to hear sirens blaring and see flashing lights in your rear view mirror. Your mind and heart may race as you navigate your way to the right side of the road.

While it's normal to feel stressed during a stop, staying calm and composed during the moments that follow can be crucial to both your safety and your freedom.

This article will offer insight into why a calm and focused or "Zen" state of mind can be of benefit to you if you suddenly find yourself being pulled over by police in Wisconsin.


Illegal Search During a Traffic Stop in Wisconsin: Using the 4th Amendment

January 27, 2017

Traffic stops are never a pleasurable experience, but it can be particularly aggravating when you have no idea what you've done wrong and begin getting questioned by police.

Officers may cite the “Terry Rule” as justification for their initial questioning and possible searching without an arrest.

The Terry Rule allows for temporary questioning without an arrest, and even detention for a reasonable amount of time in a public place in the vicinity of where the person was stopped.

Terry stops should only happen when there is suspicious behavior of the driver or passengers and/or there have been attempts to flee from the officer.

This article explores what is and is not allowed during a traffic stop search and share insight into your constitutional rights during such searches.


How to Defend Against Felony False Imprisonment in Wisconsin

January 26, 2017

To hold someone in a confined space against their will is a felony in Wisconsin.

There are various instances where a false imprisonment charge might be brought, including burglary or robbery situations or even escalations of domestic disputes. Not all charges of felony false imprisonment are legitimate, however.

In many cases, the charge of false imprisonment may be added to other charges as part of the prosecution's attempt to extend a prison sentence. 

If you've been charged with false imprisonment, there are several ways your attorney may defend you against these charges.