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Four Consecutive Jury Victories

For the fourth time in a a row, a jury has refused to convict Attorney Stangl's client of Operating While Under the Influence of an Intoxicant (OWI). A St. Croix county jury sitting in Hudson, Wisconsin has found Attorney Stangl's client not guilty of OWI. His client was also charged with Operating With a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC). The above the legal limit or Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration charge (PAC) was dismissed by the trial court after the conclusion of the State's evidence on Attorney Stangl's motion. The court agreed there was insufficient evidence to support a conviction on the PAC charge because the State failed to produce expert testimony establishing the relevance of the blood test result given the fact it had not proven the time of the alleged operating/driving of the of his client's vehicle. The State's blood test evidence indicated the client's blood alcohol concentration was 3.5 times the legal limit. The jury was then left to decide the criminal OWI charge. After deliberating approximately an hour and 15 minutes, the jury returned a unanimous not guilty verdict.

This case represents the fourth time in a row that Attorney Stangl's clients were cleared of both OWI and PAC charges, a total of 8 charges, in four consecutive jury trials.

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Third Acquittal in a Row

A Sawyer County jury recently returned not guilty verdicts in an OWI-PAC 1st case on behalf of Attorney Stangl’s client after deliberating for approximately one hour. This case marks the third jury trial in a row where Attorney Stangl’s clients have been acquitted on all drunk driving related charges. Dane and Sauk County juries also recently returned not guilty verdicts on behalf of his clients. According to the State’s chemical tests, his clients registered blood alcohol concentrations of .12, .15, and .20 in these respective cases.

Attorney Stangl recently represented an off-duty law enforcement officer who was picked up for drunk driving. His chemical test result was significantly above the legal limit and he was charged with criminal drunk driving . Attorney Stangl quickly had the criminal charges dismissed by pointing out to the prosecutor that his client was improperly charged. After several pre-trial motion hearings, the case proceeded to a jury trial. Shortly after the State’s first witness began to testify, Attorney Stangl objected to the Trooper’s testimony and moved for a mistrial. The trial court ultimately declared a mistrial.

State of Wisconsin v. R.B.

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Hands down, Pat Stangl and his staff at Stangl Law Offices are the best in the business. His approach to your individual rights and legal defense are outstanding to say the least. I’ve asked Attorney Stangl to represent me in times of chaos, always resulting in an excellent outcome. People hire attorneys in times of fear and desperation. Pat’s personal, “hands on” approach with his clients make our experiences with the judicial system quick and painless to say the least. I’ve referred many clients as well as personal friends to Stangl Law Offices, all ending with great results. I’ll continue to do so. Thank you Pat.

Andy Subka

I was referred to Pat by a friend after my case was mangled by a different attorney. My case was very complex both because of the errors my initial attorney made and the charges being brought against me – an OWI and Implied Consent Violation. Dismayed, I contacted Pat from my disadvantageous position in the hopes of having a fighting chance. From a professional standpoint, I couldn’t afford the reputational damage of a DUI. Although the nature of my case was very difficult, Pat decided to take over my case to try and help. With the intricate precision of surgeon, Pat picked up the fractured remains left over from my previous attorney and pieced together a cohesive and convincing argument winning a resounding victory! From the moment I met Pat I could tell he had a deliberate mindset and heart of a champion. He takes an emotional stake in his craft, clients, and reputation – a crucial characteristic in anyone entrusted with important life matters. I could not be more relieved and happy with his results and recommend him highly.

A Former Badger Athlete

I was charged with drunk driving. Pat Stangl put together an excellent defense and I was found not guilty on both the OWI and PAC charges. The quality of his legal work is simply outstanding.

Steve Clark