Fraud & White Collar Crime

Fraud and white collar crime offenses can encompass a wide variety of different criminal cases including cases ranging in complexity from misappropriation of funds to creating artifices of fraud for monetary gain, money laundering, bank and wire fraud, Ponzi schemes and many other offenses.


If you are approached by any law enforcement officer and questioned about a fraudulent scheme or any other criminal matter your first best defense is always to remain silent.  Remaining silent is not a technical legal ploy, rather it is your absolute constitutional right to avoid making any statements which may tend to incriminate you.


Incriminating statements are statements which tend to show you may be involved in criminal activity and even if a statement seems innocuous or innocent and is not an outright admission of wrongdoing, the information provided to the police can lead them to discovering criminal activity or to other persons who may have information about criminal activity where you may not have been directly involved.


Innocent explanations can even put you at the place or location where a crime occurred even if you weren’t involved in the particular crime and did nothing wrong.  Thus, you can find yourself in the unenviable position of being investigated or even charged with a crime you did not commit.


This is why the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination is a critical part of our Constitution and one of your most important constitutional rights. Our forefathers realized the awesome power of the government (law enforcement) to strongly persuade or intimidate people to confess to offenses which they may not have committed or to put them in a position where they feel compelled or forced to make statements.



Attorney Stangl has extensive experience in defending white collar and fraud cases and has defended clients in cases involving:

  • The misappropriation of funds
  • Wire and bank fraud
  • The creation of fraudulent schemes, and
  • Complex conspiracies involving racketeering and the creation of large Ponzi schemes.


He has successfully defended fraud cases in both state and federal courts, had fraud convictions dismissed in the trial court and reversed on appeal.


For example, he successfully defended theft and fraud charges involving a manager accused of defrauding Menards––a midwest home-improvement chain––out of building materials to allegedly build his new home and has successfully defended perjury/false swearing charges in state court.


Some of his other notable cases include:


State of Wisconsin v. L.W., a Sauk County fraud case which was dismissed prior to a preliminary hearing, a fraud acquittal in United States of America v. G.M., and perjury/false swearing charges dismissed in State of Wisconsin v. D.L., a Dane County case.


Should you find yourself either under investigation for, or charged with, any white collar offense or an offense involving fraud or theft, Attorney Stangl’s wealth of knowledge and experience and his proven track record will assure that you get the best possible representation.  He and his staff will work diligently to obtain the best outcome under the circumstances.


If you would like more detailed information about questions related to fraud or white collar crime, or need to hire an attorney to defend your fraud charges immediately, contact Attorney Patrick Stangl today.