Reasons to Consider Expungement of Your Criminal Record in Wisconsin

Updated by Attorney Stangl on December 19, 2016


Going through life feeling haunted by a criminal conviction you picked up in the past can be more than just a nuisance or an embarrassment.

Your criminal record can turn into an obstacle in your life, creating unique challenges--personally, financially, professionally and even academically.

Stangl Law Offices in Madison knows how important it can be for you or your child to have criminal charges removed or cleared from your record.

This article will explore some of the many reasons you might want to clear your record or your child's record in Wisconsin, as we as offer tips on how to get started.

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Understanding Expungement in Wisconsin

Many people reach a point in life when they realize the value of getting out from convictions on their criminal records.

The commonly-used term for this kind of process or special disposition in Wisconsin is expungement. Expungement means to have your criminal records sealed in Wisconsin.

Expungement is available on a very limited basis across the state. What's more, the process to get a criminal charge or conviction expunged or sealed in Wisconsin is complicated and best approached with the assistance of a skilled Wisconsin lawyer who specializes in criminal defense.

Read the article, "Criminal Record Expungement in Wisconsin: Clearing a Criminal Conviction" by Stangl Law to learn more about sealing your record.

The Burden of Carrying a Criminal Record

For young people, starting down an academic path or looking for work with a criminal record can seem like an impossible way to start out adult life.

For adults, it can feel like cruel and unusual punishment to continue carrying criminal charges on your record from a mistake or bad decision you made in your past.

Unfortunately, there are a number of important factors others might take for granted which can feel out of reach if you have a criminal record in Wisconsin. Some examples include: 

  • Applying for a driver's license
  • Acceptance at a college or university
  • Applying for work
  • Automobile insurance rates
  • Applying for housing
  • Adopting a child
  • Acceptance into the U.S. military
  • Impact on other pending legal action in which you are involved

Being able to experience greater success in the above situations by getting your charges expunged from your record in Wisconsin could be a huge benefit to you.

Making the effort to seal your adult or juvenile records or seal convictions in Wisconsin, can help to liberate you from the hesitation which may be limiting you from realizing your professional or academic potential.

Put your future first by discussing your legal options for expungement in Wisconsin with a skilled and proven criminal defense lawyer.

First Step to Explore Options to Clear Your Record in Wisconsin

If you're ready to make a fresh start in pursuit of goals you believe your criminal record has been prevented you from achieving, get in touch with a proven and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to pursue expungement of your record.

Madison Attorney Patrick Stangl has assisted a multitude of clients to help them achieve the removal of criminal charges from their records through expungement, as well as the successful appeal of criminal convictions.

If you're interested in learning more about how to clear your record of criminal charges in Wisconsin, contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney to discuss your options.

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