Learn about the advantages of having an OWI attorney in this video.


What are the Advantages of Having an OWI Attorney in Wisconsin?

You have to remember, operating while intoxicated charges or drunk driving charges are very complicated. They involve a lot of science which includes either testing the of your breath or your blood.

There are a lot of specific techniques that are involved in the testing of those bodily specimens and that can be ripe with errors. 

So, one of the things an experienced attorney can do who has expertise in this area is to analyze the process of how the blood was analyzed, whether the intoximeter machine, which is used in Wisconsin, is operating properly, whether it’s calibrated properly, and whether forensically their evidence all adds up.

Secondly, there can be a number of other defenses relating to an OWI, which an average person does not have the knowledge of including constitutional violations, issues relating to the constitutionality of the stop or of arrest.

So, these are complicated cases, which require someone who has experience in defending them.
If you or someone you know has been charged with drunk driving or OWI in Wisconsin, it’s crucial to secure an experienced OWI attorney in Madison, Wisconsin to defend your case. Contact Attorney Patrick Stangl today for a free consultation.

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