How to Appeal a Criminal Conviction in Wisconsin

June 26, 2019
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Inside a Successful Appeal: A Stangl Law Success Story

July 24, 2018

The story below was written by David Wilson, a Stangl Law client who encountered a serious legal problem related to a firearms restriction.

This problem directly affected his employment as a truck driver responsible for hauling military equipment including ammunition and weapons. David went in search of a skilled attorney who could help appeal his conviction and protect his livelihood.

Following an appeal process, Attorney Stangl negotiated a settlement with the District Attorney, which the court approved. The domestic portion of the disorderly conduct charge was reopened, vacated and dismissed. David no longer has the conviction on his record and can now possess firearms and ammunition, allowing him to continue working in his position.

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Video: 3 Things You Should Know Before Appealing a Criminal Conviction in Wisconsin

September 17, 2017

Watch this video to learn the top 3 things you should know before appealing a criminal conviction in Wisconsin.

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Video: Is it Possible to Withdraw or Change a Guilty Plea in Wisconsin?

August 22, 2017

Learn whether it is possible to withdraw or change a guilty plea in Wisconsin in this video.

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Video: What Happens if Your Appeal is Denied in Wisconsin

August 14, 2017

Watch this video to learn what happens if your appeal is denied in Wisconsin.

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Video: When to Consider Filing an Appeal in Wisconsin

April 10, 2017

Learn when you need to consider filing an appeal in Wisconsin by watching this video.

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Video: The Appellant's Guide to Post-Conviction Relief in Wisconsin

March 23, 2017

Watch The Appellant's Guide to Post Conviction Relief in Wisconsin.

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Video: Understanding the Direct Appeal Process in Wisconsin

March 2, 2017

Watch this video to gain a better understanding of the direct appeal process in Wisconsin.

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Reasons to Consider Expungement of Your Criminal Record in Wisconsin

December 19, 2016


Going through life feeling haunted by a criminal conviction you picked up in the past can be more than just a nuisance or an embarrassment.

Your criminal record can turn into an obstacle in your life, creating unique challenges--personally, financially, professionally and even academically.

Stangl Law Offices in Madison knows how important it can be for you or your child to have criminal charges removed or cleared from your record.

This article will explore some of the many reasons you might want to clear your record or your child's record in Wisconsin, as we as offer tips on how to get started.

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Appealing a Conviction After Pleading Guilty to Domestic Battery in Wisconsin: A Success Story

December 16, 2016


Trying to defend yourself against criminal charges in court without legal representation from an experienced lawyer puts yourself yourself at a great disadvantage.

In the case of one man named Dave, going into court without the guidance of counsel took him on a path that started as a misdemeanor offense in Wisconsin and led to a conviction which jeopardized his ability to perform his job.

Fortunately, Dave reached out to Madison Criminal Defense Attorney Pat Stangl for help.

What follows is Dave's story, shared with the intention of providing hope for a positive result if you previously pled guilty and are now considering appealing a criminal conviction in Wisconsin

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