Most people probably wouldn't imagine contacting a criminal defense attorney unless they've already been arrested in Wisconsin. Even if you think you're being investigated for a crime, chances are that your first instinct may not be to call a lawyer.

Yet, there are a number of reasons why having a skilled and proven defense lawyer on your side before the police knock on your door can be a wise move in your defense. 

Too often, people fear hiring a defense attorney too soon might make them look guilty in the eyes of others. What these individuals don't realize are the various ways a criminal defense attorney might be able to help the outcome of their case if contacted before an arrest.

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How Contacting a Skilled Wisconsin Defense Attorney Before an Arrest Can Benefit You

There are a number of reasons why it is in your best interest to consult a reputable criminal defense attorney any time you suspect that you're being investigated for a crime, believe that you will be charged with a crime, or are arrested for a crime in Wisconsin.

1. Be Proactive in Protecting Your Rights

If you have reason to believe the police will be questioning you in the near future for any reason, you want to first consult a proven Wisconsin criminal lawyer for advice in safeguarding your rights.

2. Don't Wait to Start Building Your Defense

Building a strong defense against criminal charges in Wisconsin can take time. Do not wait to begin this process if you believe that you may be charged with a crime or crimes for any reason. Consulting an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney right away might be just the advantage you need for your defense.

3. Make Sure Your Side is HeardBefore It's Too Late!

During a criminal investigation, the police may reach a conclusion that leads them to contact or arrest you directly. However, it's also possible the police may submit the results of their investigation to the state attorney's office, in what's known as a pre-filing. During this type of criminal filing, you do not have the option to include your side of the story before this report is submitted. A skilled and informed defense lawyer on your side can take measures to try to include your side of the situation.

4. Get Pending Charges Reduced or Dismissed

If involved early enough in the process, an effective criminal defense attorney will have a better chance to see that the charges you end up facing are reduced to a lesser charge or even dismissed all together.

5. Put Your Mind at Ease

Another important reason to consult an experienced Wisconsin defense attorney sooner rather than later is to get your questions answered. Simply getting straightforward and honest answers to questions that might be keeping you up at night can go a long way in helping you feel better.

6. Take Control of Your Arrest

If you feel an arrest is imminent, working with a criminal defense attorney prior to your arrest allows you some control during an otherwise unsure or frightening time.

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Don't Delay: Contact a Lawyer Before an Arrest

If you have any suspicion at all that you are being looked at as a possible suspect in a crime, it is very important that you contact an experienced Wisconsin defense attorney immediately.

A knowledgeable defense attorney will fight to protect your rights, intervening with police or investigators where necessary. Having an aggressive defense attorney on your side might even help to prevent your arrest.

Should your arrest be imminent, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you to surrender in such a way that you retain some control over the timing and manner of your arrest, minimizing the impact to your family as well as embarrassment at your job or in the public eye. 

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