Do I Need a Lawyer if I'm Being Investigated by Police in Wisconsin?

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It may surprise you to learn it's common for people to agree to police questioning in Wisconsin without first making the effort to consult a lawyer for advice. Unfortunately, this isn't the best course of action if law enforcement has taken an interest in you.

It's human nature to answer when asked a question. It's almost automatic. That impulse can be even stronger when an authority figure, such as a police officer, is doing the asking.

It can also be very intimidating to be approached by the police. You might feel compelled to answer their questions in an effort to prove your innocence, but it's important to fight this compulsion. 

In all of these situations, it's important to realize the police are likely investigating a criminal offense and you could be the subject of their investigation. You don't want to say anything to compromise your defense or put yourself at risk. Your reputation, livelihood, and even your freedom can depend on it.

If anyone attempts to question or interview you, be polite, but refrain from answering any police questions without the presence of a skilled defense attorney

If you've recently been approached by police for questioning, contact an established Wisconsin criminal defense attorney right away.

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"Do the Police Suspect I've Committed a Crime?"

As difficult as it might be to believe, if the police approach you for questioning of any kind, you may already be the subject of a criminal investigation in Wisconsin.

If you do not stop to consider that you may be the intended target of an investigation when approached for an interview or exchange of any kind by law enforcement--including field sobriety testing--you may not feel the need to seek advice from an attorney. This is a mistake.

Agreeing to answer a police officer's questions without the presence and counsel of a knowledgeable defense lawyer could result in your arrest--wrongfully or not.

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How to Handle Requests for Police Questioning

If the police approach you in Wisconsin for questioning or request an interview to assist them with an investigation, be wary. Be polite and stay calm, but do not agree to answer their questions. Instead, simply state that you would like to talk to an attorney.


Contact an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense attorney right away if you are approached for questioning of any kind by police.

Explore Your Rights with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Any time you believe you might be implicated in a crime in Wisconsin for any reason--by another person or due to your previous criminal history--it's not advised to leave your freedom to chance.

You would want to consult a knowledgeable Wisconsin defense lawyer with a proven record of success if you:

  • Are approached by police for questioning
  • Believe you're being investigated
  • Suspect you will be arrested

A skilled criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights and advise you throughout this process.

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