Reasons Police May Want to Question an Innocent Person in Wisconsin

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There are many reasons law enforcement may contact an innocent person for questioning in Wisconsin, but one safe bet is that it has to do with a criminal investigation.

If you're approached by police for questioning of any kind, remain calm and polite—
but be on your guard. The police may suspect you've been involved in a crime.

In the process of a criminal investigation where you are the undisclosed subject, the police may attempt to build a rapport with you or attempt to make you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down. They might even give you the impression that they believe you're innocent and just need your help in solving a crime.

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Sound like a familiar scenario? If you followed the Brendan Dassey case in Wisconsin, you're likely already familiar with the potentially devastating results of falling victim to such inquiries.

Whatever tactic the police use when approaching you, it is crucial to keep in mind that they may be investigating you. Again, remain calm and polite, but do not answer their questions without first consulting an experienced Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer.

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"Why Do the Police Want to Question Me?"

If you have no idea why the police are attempting to question you and any of the following scenarios seem familiar, contact a criminal defense attorney right away for guidance.

1. You Are Approached by Police for Questioning

Any time the police want to talk to you, it is important to politely refuse to answer questions without the presence of an attorney. Your criminal record and freedom can depend on it.

2. You Suspect that the Police May Want to Question You

You should request the presence of a lawyer and contact a Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer with experience to protect your rights.

3. You Suspect that You May be the Subject of a Criminal Investigation

The police may attempt to contact you for questioning when looking into reports related to a crime or when investigating a suspected criminal offense in Wisconsin. If you feel that you're innocent of having committed any crime, you may feel compelled to agree to questioning in order to prove your innocence and put this intimidating prospect behind you.

This is not advised, as you may say something to inadvertently cast doubt on your innocence. Instead, contact a criminal defense lawyer right away.

4. You Believe You Might be Arrested for a Crime

If you suspect—based on recent events or conversations with others—that the police might be planning to charge you with a crime and take you into custody, contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Even if you know that you are innocent of any criminal charges that you suspect might be imminent, do not become complacent; instead be proactive in your defense by contacting a defense attorney.

"I Haven't Done Anything Wrong—
Why Would I Need a Lawyer?"

Even if you believe you are completely innocent of the crime that you are being investigated for or accused of by another party, it's imperative that you seek the counsel of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to help you navigate what could be a potentially harmful result.

Whether you have an attorney or not, be sure to request to speak to an attorney any time the police want to question you. One of the best things you can do for your defense is to never answer questions without the guidance and presence of a qualified criminal defense attorney—even if you know you haven't committed a crime.

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Reasons Police Might Question the Wrong Person

If you know you're innocent, you should realize that there are a multitude of factors which could cause the police to suspect you of a crime you haven't committed. Some of these reasons might include:

  • Mistaken Identity (You might fit the description of another suspect.)
  • Your Prior Criminal Record
  • You Were Accused by Another Person.
  • Something Police Observed About Your Driving Behavior

You have no way of knowing if someone has suggested that you may have committed a crime or if the police themselves may be looking at you as a potential suspect for a crime. 

This might be hard to believe if you know that you aren't guilty of a crime. Keep in mind it's possible that you may be the real subject of an investigation. For this reason, you should even be on guard during what seems to be a harmless attempt to engage in casual conversation.

Don't take any chances if the police want to question or interview you. Be sure to request a lawyer be present before agreeing to talk to police. Until you are able to confer with an experienced attorney, say nothing. Your attorney may caution you against the police interview or insist on being present when it happens.

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Don't Assume a Police Interview Will Prove Your Innocence

Sometimes people who believe they are innocent of any crime and have done nothing wrong under the law still find themselves being investigated by the police, or even approached by law enforcement for questioning.

For many people, their natural instinct is to answer questions in order to prove their innocence. Do not make this mistake. It's important to consult an attorney before participating in a police interview of any kind.

If you agree to be interviewed by police in an attempt to prove your innocence, you might inadvertently say something which could ultimately be used to implicate your involvement in a crime instead.

If the police have been attempting to contact you, or if you suspect you're being investigated or observed by an investigating agency of any kind, it would be in your best interest to get in touch with a skilled criminal defense lawyer to explain your situation and make sure you're doing everything you can to protect your rights and safeguard your freedom.

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Don't Rely on Your Innocence Alone in Court

Unfortunately, the power of your innocence without effective legal representation may not be enough to effectively protect yourself from criminal charges which might stem from an interview with police in Wisconsin.

Failing to enlist the assistance of a qualified Wisconsin attorney when you've been contacted by law enforcement could make you vulnerable to arrest and even conviction on criminal charges. With your reputation, livelihood and even your freedom at risk, consult a proven Wisconsin defense attorney to take steps to protect your future.

If you are contacted by the police at any time or for any reason, you must consider the very real possibility that you might be under investigation and contact a criminal defense attorney right away for advice.

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