Possession of Fentanyl in Wisconsin: A Quick Guide

March 23, 2018


In late 2017, Governor Walker signed Assembly Bill 335 into law (2017 Wisconsin AcT 60), which added fentanyl and all of its analogs to the list of Schedule I controlled substances.

Recently, illicit drug makers have changed the chemical structure of fentanyl to develop new and more powerful analogs that are difficult to detect and prosecute.

With the passage this law, law enforcement is gearing up to crack down on drug crimes related to this powerful and potentially deadly drug.

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Class H Felony in Wisconsin: A Guide to Penalties & Defenses

November 14, 2017

When a person hears the word "felony," many different ideas come to mind, and often the assumption is that they have committed, or have been accused of, a very severe crime.

But in Wisconsin, the state legislature has classified nine different classes of felonies, from Class A, the most serious to class I, which is the least serious. Depending on what a defendant is convicted of, sentencing for these crimes can be as severe as life imprisonment for a Class A felony to a fine of up to $10,000 for a class I felony and/or up to 3 1/2 years in prison.

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Possession of Synthetic Marijuana in Wisconsin: What You Need to Know

October 3, 2017


Many people already aware that marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin, make the mistake of assuming synthetic marijuana is both legal and safe to use. Neither are true.

It's important to know that synthetic marijuana and other synthetic cannabinoids are considered controlled substances under Wisconsin's drug laws, making the use, possession or sale of these substances illegal.

In addition to being illegal in Wisconsin, synthetic cannabinoids are also extremely dangerous substances. The use of fake marijuana and other synthetic marijuana substances has been linked to severe health consequences, including seizures and even death.

This article presents a quick run-down of important information you should know about synthetic cannabinoids, including Wisconsin's penalties for the crime of possession of this illegal drug.

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Fighting Marijuana Possession Charges in Wisconsin: A Success Story

September 30, 2017

Stangl Law understands how frightening it can be to find yourself or your child suddenly facing drug possession charges in Wisconsin. After contacting an experienced drug defense lawyer to explore your options, it's also important not to give up hope.

Friends and family can offer wonderful support, but in times such as this, it can also be helpful to learn about similar stories of individuals who chose to fight drug charges in Wisconsin and had success.

The following case story is shared with that intention: to show that it is possible to successfully fight drug possession charges in Wisconsin.

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How To Hire A Wisconsin OWI Lawyer: 9 Questions to Ask

September 23, 2017

Posting bail after a drunk driving arrest can feel like a huge relief, but understand it's only the beginning in your battle against operating under the influence of an intoxicant or OWI charges in Madison or elsewhere across Wisconsin.

Since our state adopted stricter laws against some OWI offenses in 2016, it's more important than ever to consult a skilled Wisconsin drunk driving defense attorney if you've been charged with OWI, DUI, DWI, BAC, PAC or any other drug- or alcohol-related offense or offenses.

If you're like many people who get pulled over for drunk driving in Wisconsin, it's likely you've never had to hire a criminal defense attorney before, and may not know where to start. This article presents a list of nine important questions to ask to help ensure you find the right attorney for your needs.

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The Legality of OWI Traffic Stops and Searches in Wisconsin

September 21, 2017

If you were recently stopped and searched by police in Wisconsin, you're likely wondering, "When are police allowed to search my vehicle?"

To gain a better understanding of this important point, it's helpful to understand the meaning of "probable cause" under Wisconsin law.

Keep reading to learn more about the Wisconsin probable cause definition, examples of probable cause, and what police can do under the protection of probable search in Wisconsin.

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5 Ways You Might Incur Extra Penalties For OWI-Related Incidents

September 16, 2017

If you've been arrested for driving under the influence in Wisconsin, you may also find yourself charged with additional criminal offenses you didn't predict.

Wisconsin OWI law does not generalize all drunk driving cases into one standardized set of repercussions. Although repeated drunk driving offenses are perhaps most commonly perceived to result in additional or more severe punishments, there are in fact a wide range of circumstances that could place someone charged with OWI in more trouble than they otherwise would find themselves.

There are a number of situations and factors which might result in you facing additional charges during an OWI stop in Wisconsin. Keep reading to learn about these important circumstances and associated penalties.

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What You Need To Know About Underage OWI in Wisconsin

September 15, 2017

I’ve talked at length about the consequences of OWI charges and convictions for adults in Wisconsin, but for those with underage teens who may be old enough to drive but too young to consume alcohol, it’s important to understand the differences between each group as the laws and penalties are not the same.

This article will provide important information relating to OWI for drivers not yet of the legal drinking age in Wisconsin. This offense is different than OWI with a minor passenger. For more information on that see my other article here.

Even if you feel confident your teen or teens would not drink and drive, it's still a good idea to discuss this issue under Wisconsin law so they know their rights in case they or their friends ever find themselves being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Madison or elsewhere across the state.

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Penalties of Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana in Wisconsin

September 4, 2017

As more and more states legalize marijuana, it's not unusual for people to wonder, "Is marijuana legal in Wisconsin?"

Despite being legalized in a number of states across the country, marijunana use still remains illegal under Wisconsin law. In fact, Wisconsin drug laws strictly prohibit the use of marijuana, and possession of marijuana and/or drug paraphernalia, in addition to other drug-related offenses. 

Just like any other controlled substance, it is also illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana in Wisconsin. If police suspect you of doing so, you can expect to be charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant or OWI.

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Understanding The Cost of Bail in Wisconsin

July 7, 2017

After an arrest in Wisconsin, it's common to wonder how soon you can get out on bail and what it will cost. However, not everyone who is arrested is granted bail.

Being granted bail is not guaranteed in Wisconsin.

Whether or not you are found eligible for bail will be up to the judge presiding over your initial court appearance, also called an arraignment.

After reviewing the charges you're facing and the details surrounding your arrest, the judge will take into account any prior criminal convictions on your record. The judge relies on this information, combined with a number of other factors, to decide whether or not to grant bail in your case.

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