Class F Felony in Wisconsin: A Guide to Penalties & Defenses

October 15, 2018

In Wisconsin, felonies are divided into nine different classes, from Class A, the most serious, to class I.

Here, we'll focus on Class F felonies in Wisconsin. Specifically, we'll explain what a Class F felony is, common examples of Class F felony charges in Wisconsin, the possible penalties for Class F felonies in Wisconsin, and possible defenses for those charges.

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What You Need to Know About Expungement in Wisconsin

June 6, 2018

There are many common misconceptions about when expungement (also called expunction), or the process of having a case expunged or removed from a person’s criminal record is available.

Expungement is a process whereby a criminal conviction can be removed from an individual’s criminal record which can also remove the conviction from public view.

At the heart of the expungement statute lies an intention “to provide a break to young offenders who demonstrate the ability to comply with the law” by successfully completing and being discharged from their sentences.

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How Attorney Stangl Achieved Extraordinary Results for a Client Facing 8 Felonies

May 14, 2018

The following client success story offers a real-life example of the fact that no matter how serious or how many charges you or a loved one may be facing, Attorney Pat Stangl of Stangl Law Offices S.C. can help achieve truly extraordinary results.

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Private Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Public Defender in Wisconsin

January 25, 2018


Anyone facing criminal charges in Wisconsin has the option to have the court appoint a public defender to their case if they are unable to hire their own attorney.

While for many people representation by a public defender is a necessity, it is highly not recommended for those able to hire a private criminal defense attorney.

This article briefly explains why it’s in everyone’s best interest to seek representation from a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney rather than a court-appointed public defender.

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Wisconsin Firearm Offenses: Minimum Mandatory Sentences

January 9, 2018


In November 2015, a bill was signed into law creating mandatory minimum sentences for certain firearm offenses in Wisconsin.

I've summarized the key parts of this law that Wisconsin gun owners need to be aware of along with the penalties they may face if convicted.

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Using Social Media During Your Trial: 5 Important Tips

December 8, 2017

These days, people share just about anything and everything on social media. No one is more aware of this than law enforcement, who has taken full advantage of users' openness to look for and collect evidence against them.

To make things as simple as possible, don't post anything to any social platforms during your case. Probably 90% of the problems that stem from social media could have been avoided if the user simply didn't post something. 

With that in mind, I've broken down some more detailed advice for those heading to trial:

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Class I Felonies in Wisconsin: A Guide to Penalties & Defenses

November 4, 2017

A Class I felony is the least severe felony classification of the Wisconsin State Legislature, but it doesn't mean that being charged with a Class I felony isn't something to take seriously.

In Wisconsin, being convicted of a felony means that you may be sent to state prison and lose some civil liberties.

In most cases, anyone 17 years old or older may be considered an adult, and in some cases those even younger may be charged as an adult an be subject to these penalties. State prison sentences must be for at least one year, otherwise, sentences are carried out at county jails. The current maximum sentence for a Class I Felony is 3.5 years, and the maximum fine is $10,000. 

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